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  • xDDD you rage fast if someone said the turth
    why you don't made it no one can respond and told your idiots moderator and talk about you
    did you can't talk to me like a girl ? xDDD
    make it all people can respond to you and your dog misterX and be nice you rly poor
    • Rage fast? I’m unsure which response you seen where I raged. I gave you my opinion on the matter which consisted of facts.

      I did not lock the thread but I can understand why it was locked. Purely to eliminate any further flame wars. I cannot comment on how things are run in Softnyx but we’d appreciate it if you didn’t come to AeriaGames with any hidden agenda’s to cause disruption with your conspiracy theories. Just because you encountered an issue in Softnyx doesn’t mean you can point fingers and make false accusations here.

      Please have some manners and refrain from calling anyone a dog or insulting in general. There is so much more I can say but I’ve had the upbringing to show respect to everyone regardless of whether it’s in real life or on the internet. Please take a leaf out of that book as I’ve been nothing put respectful towards you despite your nonsense allegations.
  • hi venom
    can you help me ?
  • Hallo Venom
    Ich würde gerne wissen wann man die ap erhält die man mit kanzaro erworben hat?
  • Noob Venom :D