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    Completely agree.

    We've flagged it up a few times now and have got different answers each time. They seem to range from not trusting us to not being possible. That being said, Softnyx have removed multiple commands from the game, banning and muting being one of them, they now only possible using external tools, which only the CM's have access too. Don't worry, I'm still pushing that as how are you meant to moderate a game when you have the same access as a normal player.

    Anyway, this is a new anti-cheat currently being tested that is being used on a few other Aeria Games' titles right now. From what I've seen, it seems to be very effective, so we'll have to sit tight and wait to see what will happen as a result of that for now.

    Thanks for the reply! Sure hope this new anti-cheat will be effective because we know how hard it is to get rid of hackers in this damned game >.< Problem for me is that I call out the little kids on their cheats and they get mad and kick me with that aah message..

    Its so frustrating how stupid they are because they clearly dont see how obvious it is with the wolfkills from inventory hack..

    I have seen some version of that profpic somewhere, so creepy. I get strong Swiidish vibes from you for some reason:thumbdown:

    You should because I am swedish! I had this same picture as my siggy on the old forums and we were also friends there I think c:

    Hello everyone! Had one of my usual episodes I get every couple of months and decided to download WT. I immediately noticed a few things, the game is more dead than ever and there is a serious hacker problem (oooh, I know, big surprise).

    So basically, what I would want to suggest since the game is basically dead anyways why not give the GM/GS or whatever they are called these days, the power to just instantly ban these cheaters? This must of course be done only in obvious cases.

    I enter rooms where I see little kids with 82%hs and 91% wolf, 66% hs 66% wolf etc. Any half-blind ape can see these kids are cheating. So why not just, instead of going through a tedious reporting process that most likely takes a week at best (not that I can even be asked to try at this point) then why not give trusted individuals the power to just remove these little tumours so we can all enjoy our dead trash game whenever we feel like getting online..

    BTW I know very well this should be in the "Suggestions section" but this Forum is almost as dead as the game itself so why not just post it here.