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    there language is spanish?

    guy don't worry because i am going to good now.

    are there other options to download wolfteam aeria games?

    i say it because my wolfteam have errors for example that don´t appear the game mode of rooms (destruccion, icehold, cosquest).

    sorry for my english

    This is an error the we already are aware of. They hopefully will come out with a fix soon!

    Other question ¿do you think that aeria games cares about wolfteam?

    sorry for my english

    I do not know if my wolfteam is fine tell me if it happens to you the same as me.

    I no longer see the descriptions of the items, I also do not see the game mode of each room (destruction, conquest, etc.) Also when I click on an event I close the game and one more thing I do not know if it will be part of the game but there are always few users.

    I do not know if this will also be happening to you.

    i sorry i use traductor kek.