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    Have fun with wolf but in wolfrooms plz. I remember how fun it was to play normalmode with guns when ppl used some wolf and some human. Wolfs was so easy targets to shoot with shotgun/sniper. Now when i join to normal mode, there's 8x SE wolfs with dash abusing lowranks in spawn... Wolfwar><Normal<classic :/ Wolfing lost it point moment when IS added better tattoos and icewolf and since that it's been full pay2win. Atleast you can fight with eachother who have the best tattoos etc.. :P

    We all know that at some point the whole game got corrupted not just the human+wolf match, it's not how it used to be even in wolf vs wolf mode and since you know how things are atm , you can always play in a human vs human room and not be bothered by people who use wolves, and just one more thing , for everyone thinking this game is about pay2win , it's not, I only bought cash in this game once in my life and it was like 3 years ago and atm I have everything anyone who pays has, so it's not pay2win anymore , everyone is getting everything for free.

    Uh uh and obviously whenever i play with 300&legend against wolfs i get kicked cus of people saying its not fair. Dont make me laugh pls.

    well the people who do that can actually make you laugh but aside from it being a pretty useless information to give but I do not do that , whether you payed money to get that or you got them somehow you're free to use whatever you want , i will fight you if i want to or just leave if i don't like it , my point was only to say that we shouldn't turn it into a fact whether the human or the wolf players are better, that's all.

    If with skill you mean abuse bugs that give you a huge advantage then no, playing only wolf does not require skill at all. Everybody with Wolf Ability and a good Set of Tattoos can kill with it.

    Playing only Humans does not mean the player himself is bad at wolfing. CWs are playing with Humans ONLY so its pointless to wolf. The only ones that really play with wolfs only want to get easy kills for their KDR.

    Humans > Wolfs anytime. Its been like this since the beginning and it will stay that way till the end.

    Yeah well actually ....

    In my personal opinion nothing is better than the other, whoever likes playing human or have a tiny bit of hate to wolf playing will always be convinced human is way better and all that, whoever created the game put the wolf here to be played not for human players to make fun of, it's about liking it or not so let's not go to the human > wolf thing, and still just speaking for myself I'm not around here for easy kills or KDR or clan wars or any of that stuff , I choose to play a game to have fun and I like the idea of the wolf, and just saying , the default human char + any legend weapon that is being given free and in the time events = a super easy kill even when fighting a reboot char (tested) so everything can work both ways so again it's a matter of opinion and a matter of style, no matter how many people say they like human more that will never mean the wolf is easy or anything worse and also someone who plays wolf never means they are bad at human, so basically all I'm saying is it's your opinion and not a fact , and same goes for me.

    I hate play wolf. Players playing only wolf, when they play human, they are bad in most of the time.

    For me (just my opinion) wolfers don't have skill

    I have to disagree , actually it's most likely the same for someone who only plays human and then try wolf , the result is terrible, the thing is, if you only play wolf , to human players you will suck and have no skill and all that talk and if you only play human , to wolf players its the same , you suck and have no skill, but that's not how i see it, I'm actually good with human and in love with using guns but like i said the reason i play wolf here is because it's different , i could play human in thousands of games, I'm here for a change, wolf also requires skill, it's just a matter of opinion, will never mean the ones who disagree with your style have no skill.

    Yeah be wolfer cuz Humans can't win against wolves :D

    That's not really the point, I enjoy playing as a human but the thing is there are tons of amazing games that you can be human and are very fun, the reason i'm interested in this one is because it has wolves which is something new and when it comes to battle everyone is got their own style, that's mine.

    I appreciate everyone's suggestions but I'm looking for something specific and I'll be grateful if someone helps.

    I'm not really that much interested in how big or strong the clan is, I'm just looking for a clan that I can get along with the people in it besides people who would help if I need to ask about something, I believe it's more fun to make friends in a clan than join it to just keep winning cw, I joined a clan already but just to be honest 85% of the members don't log in at all and I get no respond when I say anything so I guess I'm ready to change so if someone can help with suggesting a clan like that please do so.

    and since it's been a long time ...

    my rank: Junior Second Lieutenant.

    my k/d: above 75%.

    wolf kills: 93%

    and thanks in advance :) .

    Hi Precious !
    What is your rank, your KDR and % HS pls ? :)

    Hi ^^ .

    My rank is still senior corporal.

    due to using a power user my kdr is 99% --> 1800 / 1

    and sorry it isn't really clear to me the %HS , but if i assume that's the head shot % , i'm 99% wolf , I'm better with wolf than human.

    These wolves sound like they are very different from what I'd be used to , of course their abilities are really cool but still , and I also use a dash so maybe I can go for a reboot character then.

    Only noticeable difference is that Kyle worker's special trait (right click) is a shield that increases the defense, while Rulsan's special trait is a grenade that is directly shot at the opponents, and has medium damage in addition to pulling effect as of the red grenade, and you're able to throw the grenade infinitely when ever you howl back.

    Black element scratch is a nice choice, since you have the same damage of the blood scratch in addition to a 5 seconds remote damage to the main HP every-time you attack your opponent with the wolf on a 5-seconds-time inverval

    Now I understand, that was a great help.

    Thank you very much :) .

    Oh I see now , I haven't really seen them till now , they look cool but I guess i'm more into the normal looking wolves.

    and it's true i left for 2 years or something and now I see some super weapons with people that I'll be sure to try out , this game is so much fun for me , i'm a huge fan of shooting games and specially this one so i'm sure i'll be around in whichever condition the game is in :D.

    And thank you sooo much ^_^ .

    Hello there guys. ^^

    So, first I hope you excuse my stupid question :|, but since it's been long time I haven't been here I can see a lot of new items and characters which I have no idea about.

    So I thought I'd make this topic to ask about some of them.

    so I'd like to know what's the difference between chars such as "Ruslan Ionov" - "Kyle Worker" and the reboot chars , I want to buy one so I mean which of them is better?.

    And about the Blessing night and dark element scratches , are they better then the blood scratch in anyway ?. :/

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. :S:saint:


    Played since 2010 as well for some years , left for a bit and just came back to restart with a new account.

    My IGN is lEnvy.

    And it's nice to meet everyone here (: .