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    Hello, most of you guys probably know me, I've had alot of different accounts over the years. I've been playing WolfTeam since 2010 until 2016 almost daily. It got to the point where the game didn't seem to advance but only fall back down. Around June 2016 I think I quit and barely played maybe 2 or 3 times since then. Recently got back into the game and doesn't seem as boring with the Discord they got going on now (hopefully i wont regret this) and i've been enjoying it again. Most of my friends quit or barely play, hard to enjoy it again alone without all the people that made it fun.

    You might know me by the following names.


    -xlTeddy (both xiTeddy and xLTeddy)


    -Current IGN Compiex

    (previous names before these but dont remember)

    Hope to meet old friends again and make new ones, Catch you in Game.:)

    So I recently re-downloaded this game. Whenever I try and login by the launcher it wont launch, it wont even give me an error. IDK why this happens but it tries loading and then never starts. Plz Help