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    To be honest only me. I am Top Special Warfare Colonel, soon Brigadier General and i just use the Ghost, SZ-550 Wolf and the Longclaw so far. The other Weapons are close to trash so i would like something like XEM 8 WT AT for my hard work getting 30 Million of GP :D

    Most of the weapons aren't that good, and could honestly do with replacing. But when I am in-game I do see many lower ranks and non-spenders having great use of the weapons.

    When this happened it really shocked me because I never thought that we would be given permanent AP items for FREE. Best thing that ever happened towards balancing the game.

    Playing Wolfteam (almost) daily since 2010. I have used a ton of accounts aswell during that time but this is my first and current main account. My IGN is JohnnyDepp! (formerly [GS]Johnny/JohnnyDepp)

    I loved coming to the old forums to lurk and complain about the current state of the game, and if its active enough im sure I will do the same here.