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    Hello, players!

    Good news! We have recently changed our Ticket System to a better one!

    In order to guide and support you through it, this general guide has been built.

    It’s easy-peasy! Just follow it step by step and you will be able to send us tickets again!

    To do this, you do not need a Glyph account.

    Keep in mind that we are constantly working on our Support page. Therefore, some changes are yet to come your way.

    Please follow the steps described in order to succeed when submitting a ticket to the Customer Support.

    Step 1: Go to the website of your respective game;

    Step 2: Click on ‘Support’ located in the Menu bar.


    This will refer you to our Support page:


    Step 3: Once there, click on ‘Submit a request' box under 'Non Glyph Account'.


    By clicking there you will land on this page:


    NOTE: Select topic and fill in the fields displayed with your player and account information (The more you can provide the better for us to assist you in a more efficient way)


    - Email address*: Enter the e-mail address to which your account is linked to or an e-mail address you have access to as you will have to answer the tickets from there.

    - What Type Of Issue You Have?

    ◦ Account Deletion: Requesting an account deletion means that the Customer Support will delete your account and all of its content.

    ◦ CM Services: Request the service to the CM´s of your game.

    ◦ In Game Issues: Reporting a bug, graphic issues, errors or any other issue within the game (i.e. DB Error).

    ◦ Payment Problem: Purchasing issues, payment errors, or issues with topping up your wallet.

    ◦ Report a Player: Report a player who is hacking, farming, exploiting a bug or has a toxic behavior in-game.

    Step 4: After pressing 'SUBMIT' you will have to go through a Captcha Verification Process in order to complete your request.


    When submitting a ticket, please do not reply/bump your ticket or create a new request if you have not received an answer from us yet. This will send your ticket back to the end of the queue which results in delaying our reply.

    We are constantly working to improve our processes and make them efficient, please support us with this.

    Thank you for following this guide, if you still have any questions, please visit our FAQ Guides for further information and/or contact us here via discord.

    Your Gamigo Community & Support Team.

    Hello Wolves,

    Our player support system is evolving! Soon, we will be changing over to a new ticket system.

    This means that on the 25th of June, starting from 6:30 AM UTC we will be moving all tickets from our past system to the new system.

    This changeover will have a duration of several hours, meaning that during those hours the contact support will not be available.

    Due to this change, the old email-notification links for your requests might no longer function properly. However, fear not, as you shall receive an email from our new ticket support system as soon as your requests are imported.

    Best regards,

    Your Gamigo Team

    Hello wolves,

    The May Lounge is now over and we can turn our attention to the new one.

    What Items would you like to see in there?

    Have you noticed any items that do not belong there or you'd like to see more of?

    Perhaps you cannot spend as much gold as it is required.

    Share your thoughts in this thread.


    CM Collector

    Welcome packs are delayed, due to our billing system being out of sync with the portal.

    Another issue connected to the portal maintenance. OPS team assured us the welcome packs will be sent in bulk once the system is back in sync.

    So please be patient guys, i know this is hard on everyone, but we will get through it together.