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    I am not a big FPS fan. I find them all repetitive and basically not enjoyable. As of now,I do not have a favorite FPS, but I can share you the best game I've played so far. Its name is Praetorians. Truly a masterpiece of an RTS.

    Forgot about the EM-40T, love that gun! Think Johnny still uses it quite often, doesn't he?

    He still does, but im convincing him to let it go and start using the SVD daily :smug:

    Before starting the game check if its running in the background through the Task Manager. If nothing is in there then maybe its the Antivirus that is blocking a certain file needed for the launch. In that case add an exclusion for the wolfteam's folder. As Evalyn suggested it is better if you join the discord and ask for help (More active people in there).

    im on win 7 :(

    Changing resolution might be the cause of these crashes. But tbf i have never had any kind of problems on win7. Actually i did have a similar problem a long time ago, but it was due to a corrupted system file. I had to re-install windows to fix it.

    If you have Windows 10 i suggest you to run the application with the compatibility mode to Windows 7. That way you will have almost no problems. At least it works for me.


    Sup guys,
    yesterday i had a discussion with Johnny. The theme was Snipers that are available in the game and which one are the best to use or the worst ones.
    Write down which Sniper you love and which one you hate!

    Here is my answer:
    Love: SVD Modern ( its a neat sniper to use)

    Edit: You can also write down why you like/hate them!

    why do you people not understand that AG CANNOT do such things as fixing the bugs in game? AG can't do much because of Softnyx. If you think that the pricing is too high for you, you don't need and have to buy ap at all.

    Edit: I did vote no. Why? Simply because its never going to happen. No company would do such thing. If you really want Wolfteam Classic, you will have to modify the game itself (that goes against Softnyx T&C) to make it look like back in the days and also host the server yourself. If you add a donation link or whatever no one will donate a regular amount of money. People want to feel rewarded after donating.

    Yes, or do as the Korean Server remove the PVE mode that is not used much.

    Korean Wolfteam is merged with the International and Arabic one. Its basically like Aeria, 3 different languages but 1 server

    Alright, I am not sure how it works actually. We have requested this, but it seemed there was a problem. Let's hope it can be fixed now.

    Is there a way to make it exactly like Softnyx Ranking System and not Joygame's one? With it its easy to bust GP Farmers and get them banned :)

    We changed the Gold Lounge with the help of our GSs. They gathered information about which items players usually love and updated the lounge accordingly. Changes can be made of course.

    The prices are quite high as of now. Lowering them would be very useful for new and non casher players.

    From what language did you translate that ? When i want to make some sentence, maybe in espanol. I translate it from english because from finnish translate it doesn't make any sense. In the future it will be so cool when google translate will actually work perfectly and you can chat with everyone from different countries :thumbup:

    I translated it from English :)

    That can't be from google translate cuz no mistakes :)Usually ppl can say only finnish bad words for some reason. Well only polish word i know is "kúrwa" so.... Ich bin schéisse wolfteam spieler och luktar en skit Johnny. Can't really say anything positive with different languages xD

    Believe it or not i really did translate it with google and yes people do learn swear words way faster then the normal, standard ones :)

    I see PL players almost in every game cuz they always write that kúrwa stuff. I don't even remember how it feels like to talk own language in game for other players since i'm the last finnish guy left in wt :(

    Rakastan sinua, suomalaiskaverini :D

    Why not make a Video Contest where everyone is invited to do a video/montage/whatever he wants about Wolfteam?

    It doesn't need to be fancy or anything special, a simple video is more then welcomed :D

    The only rule i suggest is: "The clips need to be done by the person in charge of the video." This means you will have to cut clips add music and whatever you want to do by yourself.

    I will be judging the videos.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO HAVE FUN DOING IT! You don't need to force yourself for a 2+ minute long video!

    As i said earlier it can be a funny moments or a simple showcase of a weapon. Its up to you!

    The winner will win a Smoke Bomb for 30 Days.

    Yeah well actually ....

    In my personal opinion nothing is better than the other, whoever likes playing human or have a tiny bit of hate to wolf playing will always be convinced human is way better and all that, whoever created the game put the wolf here to be played not for human players to make fun of, it's about liking it or not so let's not go to the human > wolf thing, and still just speaking for myself I'm not around here for easy kills or KDR or clan wars or any of that stuff , I choose to play a game to have fun and I like the idea of the wolf, and just saying , the default human char + any legend weapon that is being given free and in the time events = a super easy kill even when fighting a reboot char (tested) so everything can work both ways so again it's a matter of opinion and a matter of style, no matter how many people say they like human more that will never mean the wolf is easy or anything worse and also someone who plays wolf never means they are bad at human, so basically all I'm saying is it's your opinion and not a fact , and same goes for me.

    Uh uh and obviously whenever i play with 300&legend against wolfs i get kicked cus of people saying its not fair. Dont make me laugh pls.

    If with skill you mean abuse bugs that give you a huge advantage then no, playing only wolf does not require skill at all. Everybody with Wolf Ability and a good Set of Tattoos can kill with it.

    Playing only Humans does not mean the player himself is bad at wolfing. CWs are playing with Humans ONLY so its pointless to wolf. The only ones that really play with wolfs only want to get easy kills for their KDR.

    Humans > Wolfs anytime. Its been like this since the beginning and it will stay that way till the end.

    Everyone is talking like blablabla.. and you are just " UUUU, UUUU, UUUU". Btw you do better preshoots than actual wallhackers 8)

    Yeah ahah, to note the "Dont orgasm" from Sara.

    ive got way better kills but they are withing some videos. im just too lazy to cut them all and then post the kills separately. also nah 8v8 in public is just rubbish. cw > public

    neekerit vittuu suomesta


    New comer here.

    Lots of ING Accounts.

    Not a good player.

    Not a friendly person.

    One of the most active Discord User.

    Hate this game. (Sadly it became addictive)

    No real interests, except creating Media.

    Boring, blatantly racist, toxic and rude to almost everyone.

    Ah ye, you can call me however you like.