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    Don't know why but that number reminds me of some data type like unsigned integers that ranges from 0 - 255.

    Looks like an (int?) overflow, but im not really sure. Just looks like it went out of bounds :P


    Big Looks like the right person to me that would know how 256 occurred haha

    They could have balanced it way better back then, I personally think it all got ruined when the person in charge of the sales was new and he had no clue what he was putting up for the very first perm items.

    Must have been an impressive time for him, like on short term it seemed like a great profit. Afterall it worked the other way around.

    It was a matter of time when wolf modes became unplayable and even human matches became so unfair that new players never stood a chance. The game has made it till this year because of some big spenders out there. Always the same players have kept up the game buying insane amounts of AP. I can't name a single person that joined after 2015 that still plays.

    I can imagine the fustration damian. You're indeed not the only player facing problems with the client. Like nyz said, most of the problems should be solved by Softnyx. Either there's some time-span between that because Softnyx's developers have to fix the issues and deliver them to AeriaGames.

    Keep in mind the game is 11 years old. Making old games compatible with operating systems like windows 10 can be hard. Especially making them run flawless.

    I agree with you damian, the crashes are very annoying. From the other side I think Softnyx could indeed do some more testing before implementing 'fixes' to the game. We can only hope Softnyx finds better solutions to make sure the game can keep running on new upcoming versions of Windows 10.

    All these years people wondered the same, and honestly it has already survived longer then most expected.

    I believe all the recent work being put in WT, such as the new forum is a good sign that it isn't about to die (yet) :D


    I don't even wanna know the amount of hours spend on this game :P

    Used to play on Softnyx in 2007, went to Aeria in 2009.

    IGN's: Noobzsle, Baja, [GS]Baja and some other accounts.

    I won't be online on this forum as much as on the old forum.

    Anyway, im available on discord :)