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    Hello all!

    So I wanted to hear what you guys think!

    I need two questions answered:

    1) What would bring players back into this game and keep them here?

    2) What are your suggestions on how we can fix any issues preventing this from happening?

    Be as descriptive as possible! This will be forwarded to the staff here :)


    This is an error the we already are aware of. They hopefully will come out with a fix soon!

    The only one I've ever loved is WolfTeam. The simple reason is because I loved the concept of changing into a wolf versus using knife (although I'm good now at both lol). Just a cool concept!

    Aw, you were always a mainstay in our community! You've always been a nice person and I hope you have nothing but good things in your life ahead! You will be missed!! Thanks for all the help and work you've done for us all!!

    I would practice somewhere like WolfHunt until you're used to shooting at head level. Have your gun's point always at head level if possible.

    Oh I've been wanting this for a long time haha

    I'll bring it up with the CM again.

    Personally, I want to keep some items like tattoos, but have the tattoo pack ones cost a bit less while maintaining costs on others (like the flag ones). I would keep the skill ups there too, but make them cost much less.

    Otherwise, the rese (guns, pistols, etc.) need to be changed asap!


    Hello all! Wmsv9N0.gif

    I'm back and I feel it's time for me to make a new event: The np Room!

    Game rules:

    • When I start the event, there will be a Power Room called "EVENT- np". If you see this room and I'm in it, the event is going on! Feel free to jump in! I will occasionally announce the event in-game and on Discord.
    • The game will either be in the Event channel or any channel players are on.
    • Matches can be anything!
    • The player who get the most kills in a match will be the winner. This will be posted in this topic!
    • Occasionally, there will be FG or light weapon matches. If you do play any of these items, you will be disqualified from the event. Players will be given permission to use their kick votes to kick you out.
    • Rule can and will vary! This will be announced before and during matches!

    When they will begin:

    • Now! If I'm online and I'm in any room with the words "np" in the room title, it's going on now!
    • Whenever I go in-game. I usually play evenings Eastern Standard Time USA and various times over the weekend!


    The player who get the most kills in a match will receive:

    • 50,000 gold
    • 2,000 WC
    • 1 Random Box
    • Occasionally, bonus rooms will have extra prizes!

    Please allow up to 5 business days for this to be delivered to you.

    Asked Questions & Answers:

    Q: How many matches will be played per day?

    A: As many as I want to do that given time. Normally, I would hope to have at least 3 matches each day, but it's likely going to be a whole lot more than that per day!!

    Q: What if a hacker comes in and ruins the match?

    A: I will save the amount of kills in that match and will record it as a game ending. We'll move to a new room and I'll password protect or "no-trespass" the room next game.

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply to this thread!