Let's know eachother

  • Hi people,

    My inGame name is Fucq and i have been playing Wolfteam for many years i think i started on 2010 can't remember but i have been using many accounts since then as i quit and came back several times hehe
    I have been using my current account since 2014, many of you might know me and some might not but it always feel great to get to know new people

    Anyways,, i thought i would create this thread so people can introduce themselves and tell us who they are and how long have they been playing :))8)

    Waiting,,, :)

  • Playing Wolfteam (almost) daily since 2010. I have used a ton of accounts aswell during that time but this is my first and current main account. My IGN is JohnnyDepp! (formerly [GS]Johnny/JohnnyDepp)

    I loved coming to the old forums to lurk and complain about the current state of the game, and if its active enough im sure I will do the same here.

  • Hellow :D

    So i'm Raven (with a stranger char after my pseudo thx AG for the rename) ^^ I were [GE]Raven then [GS]Raven on FR server then merged server. I've been playing for a long time ^^ probably 9 years. But I stopped 2 years ago, and coming back some times to see how is the game changing ^^

    If you have questions it will be a pleasure to answer.

    Sorry for that disgusting english,


  • So cool seeing you guys, it is almost as if we all have similar stories regarding wolfteam xD
    Although it might have some drawbacks but it is still an amazingly entertaining game you can't simply quit because of the amount of friends you create in the game and the amazing people (like yourselves) who play this game

    Hopefully, one day, the game will return to it's 2011 Glory :D

  • This is nice isn't it! Welcome to all the new faces and welcome back to all the old ones.

    I'm Big, or J31G - that English guy that has been around for quite a while. I'm sure most of you know my story, so I'll keep in short.

    I'm a Software Dev that has worked in almost all areas of IT, from physical networking, server setup and maintenance, to building some global software that is used by millions. Currently living in Oxford and working in London, when I'm not at home claiming to be working from there.

    I've always been a huge fan of FPS games and some how found my way into the Softnyx beta back for WT in 2008. A few years down the line, I came over to Aeria, where I am today, Master of the lovely Mercenary, which I'm sure any of the players around here that have been around the game for any real amount of time would have heard of.

    Started as a GS back in 2012, then became a WTP, and now back as a GS once again - funny how these things come around isn't!? I was known as the technical guy around the old EN forums, so feel free to shoot any questions my way, I'll happily give them my best and try and sort you out!

    Once again, I've wrote far too much, so I'll stop now. I love to chat, as you can tell, so feel free to drop me a message in-game, on the forums, or Discord. Or if you want to chat, why not come and jump on my Teamspeak.

  • Hi all!
    I'm [GS]Ombre™, before my name was ☆lRamboww™ ! I am French and more exactly of Brittany yeaaaaah :saint: I play since 2010. On wolfteam I am the creator of the clan CryneeX! Do not hesitate to postulate we let us recruit 8)

    I also play other games as Osu! Brawlhala, Of Garry Mod (which I am Admin of a server DeathRun and Murder), RocketLeague, Rust...

    If u have a question, do not hesitate to contact me here or IG :D

  • np, first here on the new version of the wolfteam forums.

    well, about me. I am Anthony Barican, 32 y/o from California Stockton USA.

    I've been playing wolfteam since after the fall of the MMO racing game that was once on aeria called (Project Torque). Been playing wolfteam on and off since then :).

    Nice to meet all of you :D.

  • Hey people!

    welcome everyone!

    My pseudonym (In Game) is ♫☣ß✘y☠ß☩o✔u♪. I prefer being called by my nickname Byb or Bybou.

    I play wolfteam since December 2013 with many stoppings and some accounts including 2 still active.

    I am less active than before.

    Nice to meet all of you!

    If you have questions, do not hesitate! ;)

    Cordially, have a good day / good night.

  • Hi,

    My IGN is Close, if you haven't already figured that out... Real name is Conor and I'm that other English guy that isn't Big.

    Been playin this game Since 2008/9 (Can't remember exactly) and basically wasted most of my childhood on this game lol...

    Had numerous accounts until 2013 when I became Close, since then I was a member of OGTerror for a couple of years, and since then I've just been floating about in Clans helping friends and having a laugh. Also won the Summer Tournament in 2017 with Team Mercenary, which was good fun.

    I also make rubbish YouTube videos for fun. (https://www.youtube.com/user/CloseWT)


  • Hello Everybody,

    I am a former player of Wolf-Team, it's been a few years since I dropped this game. My former nickname was Wolfsniping, I was a fan of snip, no-ap events and everything that made this game, a real game!

    I may be back, I don't know how much time I will spend on this game per day and week. You will find me in game as MrMilIiana.

    We say to you soon IG, the pleasure!


    Wolfsniping / MrMilliana

    1. My profile will be updated soon !
  • Heya,

    I don't even wanna know the amount of hours spend on this game :P

    Used to play on Softnyx in 2007, went to Aeria in 2009.

    IGN's: Noobzsle, Baja, [GS]Baja and some other accounts.

    I won't be online on this forum as much as on the old forum.

    Anyway, im available on discord :)

  • So, I'm Nyks, playing since softnyx beta, then moved to aeria when they opened.

    Holdin same name for over 9 years in here and like over 14 years in various other games, some people from 5-6 years ago who decides to come back still remembers my name for whatever reasons and asking wth happened to game, so we blab about good old times. I do prefer classics so never miss FG if possible. I'm fond of all fair events.

    Used to be a solo wolfer with like 90% wolf kill (I personally don't count using se ability a wolfing), but now got used to all modes. No matter which mode playing I'm trying to keep gameplay as fair as possible by looking ahead.

    Sometimes I upload videos and clips in Youtube, my rig isn't any good (I don't even have a monitor xd) but since some likes what I make, I keep on that from time to time. Planning on buying a mid-end soon so it wouldn't lag that much haha, as well as graphics of course.

    nlp ftw

  • New comer here.

    Lots of ING Accounts.

    Not a good player.

    Not a friendly person.

    One of the most active Discord User.

    Hate this game. (Sadly it became addictive)

    No real interests, except creating Media.

    Boring, blatantly racist, toxic and rude to almost everyone.

    Ah ye, you can call me however you like.

  • I was around 16 years old, I played 2008-2012 I think.

    Welp, couldn't help stepping in.

    I am buzzinetto or buzzi, an Italian player, I was rank 1 EU servers for a year or so, then I ceased to care about ranks and the game.

    I was always playing with domenico, he was one of the strongest players I ever met, after a couple of years I started doing scores up to 80 or 90/0 against good players. I used to have a ratio of 9.0 with a Major rank or something (When major was a hard thing to achieve and cashing was just about a few tattoos I think). After playing for a couple of years I could head shot moving or jumping targets through walls or corners. I was accused of using wall hack by everyone with the exception of some mods and at the peak of my skill domenico himself accused me of wall hack, since I could beat him while he himself was actually using wh for fun.

    I perfectly remember JohnnyDepp, he was someone you could see play all the time, I remember JohnnyDepp using the sound at an intermediate level, he wasn't too bad of a player.

    I remember the "Panic" being one of the strongest clans at first, I became a Panic and left, after a while I'd be able to take em on by myself, 8 against 1 too, fairly easily in destruction modes, since my clan members were so often "hilarious" as to leave me alone against entire clans.

    I remember bothering SAMARITAN all the time in his glorious quest of fighting wolves as a singled out human with no friends. (Wolves against humans mode) I'd spam CTRL and changing weapons facing up right in front of SAMARITAN's poor face (he was always camping in a corner in some conquest wolf/human mode), if he tried to avoid my spam I used the radar and sound to move along with him (while keeping myself on his face and facing up spamming), I'd completely cover his field of view for entire games, then if I heard a wolf I'd just turn and head shot it in half a second and back again to the spam, they were probably the funniest games, he accused me of aim bot, Just try to picture this Major when Majors were somewhat actually respected, spamming all the time ctrl facing the ceiling then turning around half a second, right before getting killed by a wolf and towards that wolf to brutally head shot it in mid air, then again back to the spamming. It was extremely hilarious and a proof of true skill.

    I remember a time too where most clans wouldn't play against me, a time without cash and tattos too.

    Sadly I can't quite recall names but I can still recognize them (JohnnyDepp for example), I stopped minding names probably because you could change your name with cash coins.

    My secret was my DT 770 pro beyerdynamic headphones, they were strongly directional, a little expensive, but the best at their price, they were made for very clear sounds, which made them perfect for directionality in video gaming. I could play with 100% sound and hear a click of a red/blue grenade as far as 1/3 of a map and know where it was exactly. I adjusted the sound with shortcut keys in case people were shooting aggressively next to me, but that's about it.

    All I did was having a mental map and a audio-mantra which allowed me to know instantaneously where all enemies were and how they were moving, you couldn't rush at me, even groups couldn't rush at me, to make a brief example:


    let's say there is a corner 4 enemies are coming from, (common disorganized strategy in 4vs1 would be 1wolf+3human) a wolf comes from up the wall by jumping, I turn the corner as a human so that the wolf goes behind me and I have a view of his friends, head shot the first human I see, go back as a wolf behind the corner sliding on the firstwolf's head (who was jumping down to hit me) and sliding on him while going back to human I would head shot this first wolf (still while sliding on him), and head shot another human through the wall who was coming around the corner because he'd be so sure that I'd be in some sort of a disadvantage and then deal with the last one 1vs1) all this in 2/3 secs, a stupid example but that'd be easy even against very good players. I was thinking something like Two temple B2 the corner that faces outside. LIKE THIS: https://i.imgur.com/UQLcPPg.png

    With snipers my aim wasn't even so advanced especially because I did depend a lot on my earing for aiming (sounds strange I know).

    My earing was nearly perfect, I trained that for years and it was my third eye.

    I remember there wasn't a Latino or European server with high ranks decent enough to beat me, still Korean servers were on another league, what I did with my audio was simply mandatory for high ranks there and they'd use AK's first shot to head shot, they were on a completely different league and I don't know if I could have made top 10 in those servers.

    Considering how little popular wolf team was, it's still fucking impressive how Korean people just are out of your league in terms of gaming.

    My main weapon was Covra.

    My second was Xen (Even though domenico's Xen was stronger, I had to use the Covra)

    Sorry if I was being presumptuous, I just like to remember the time where I actually cared about the game and the fun I had with it. It was nice to have childish thoughts like "I am the best" and these sort of things, I just tried to remember, I am sure I wasn't the strongest at all, considering Koreans could have raped my axx anytime.

    Also sorry for my bad English, I haven't slept because I was at a birthday party of a friend of mine with which I ended up talking about Wolf Team.

    I still haven't slept and it's 10 am. "Good night"

    Edit: I tried play after posting this, I suck now.

  • Hello, most of you guys probably know me, I've had alot of different accounts over the years. I've been playing WolfTeam since 2010 until 2016 almost daily. It got to the point where the game didn't seem to advance but only fall back down. Around June 2016 I think I quit and barely played maybe 2 or 3 times since then. Recently got back into the game and doesn't seem as boring with the Discord they got going on now (hopefully i wont regret this) and i've been enjoying it again. Most of my friends quit or barely play, hard to enjoy it again alone without all the people that made it fun.

    You might know me by the following names.


    -xlTeddy (both xiTeddy and xLTeddy)


    -Current IGN Compiex

    (previous names before these but dont remember)

    Hope to meet old friends again and make new ones, Catch you in Game.:)

  • He means "catch you in Gym. Nothing is better than doing biceps and using wallhack in wt. Seems like you are not old enough to speak from your heart. Spare that shíttalking from your gf's when they ask about size of your dik.. Remember to p.m me for accounts if u are in trouble bro, i always have some nice stuff avaible :)

  • So cool seeing you guys, it is almost as if we all have similar stories regarding wolfteam xD
    Although it might have some drawbacks but it is still an amazingly entertaining game you can't simply quit because of the amount of friends you create in the game and the amazing people (like yourselves) who play this game

    Hopefully, one day, the game will return to it's 2011 Glory :D

    Glory of armors, etsr and AAA. good ol times, never forget ;(<3

  • Hello,

    Been playing the game since 2009!

    Used to play on softnyx then moved to aeria . Quiet active since then;)

    Am absolute loving the game <3

    Can't wait for the future:!:

    Some of you guys may know me as I play since long8o

    Fav guns : PT, Zaitsev, Stout, TTF, TTC, Elwirci SL &GL


  • Been playing since around 2009, havent been active since 2014, mainly due to the game becoming more p2w, i remember when the first tattoos etc came out. tried the came back in 2016 and considered it a mess. i was active in a clan called Erection, i also remember playing vs Panic. Our clan Erection was top 1 world in destruction s2 one season.

  • I'm a weenie. I'm probably the longest playing member who has the lowest rank in the history of wolfteam considering I've been on the IcyCaress account for 6 years and it's only two silver bars. (That's playing consistently by the way, I played a LOT in that time.)

    Oh, and I'm a GS. That happened.

  • I'm a weenie. I'm probably the longest playing member who has the lowest rank in the history of wolfteam considering I've been on the IcyCaress account for 6 years and it's only two silver bars. (That's playing consistently by the way, I played a LOT in that time.)

    Oh, and I'm a GS. That happened.

    Weenie and weeny. I've used word weenie for years when i actually meant weeny. All these little nubs was bit confused and finally i know why : /