• Would you like to add a CO-Master rank to the Pride? 6

    1. Yes (5) 83%
    2. Dont Care (1) 17%
    3. NO (0) 0%

    Our Lovely Wolfteam Community.

    We have all been looking for better ways to make the Prides be more active and easier to sort out "issues"

    This suggestion is simple and easy to upperhand for the dev`s if they wanna listen.

    We all have been applying to a Pride before and have to wait ages before the Pride Master comes online.

    My suggestion is that we should add in a seccond rank to the Pride.

    • Master (Pridemaster)
    • CO-Master (Seccond in command)

    This will creat a more active pride when you have to "leaders" off the pride.

    Only one can edit the Pride Site but both can accept in new member to the pride.

    Let me hear what you think about this.