[GUIDE] Wolfteam isn’t downloading or Patching?!

  • [GUIDE] Wolfteam isn’t downloading or Patching?!


    I’m getting this question three or four times a day on Discord, so I thought it would be worth creating a thread about this, allowing for all the information I’ve shared on multiple different threads/tickets to be in one place.

    Part 1 – Issues downloading the game

    Since all our computers are likely different, with all sorts of bits of software on them, there is any number of different factors that could be to blame for this. But below I’ll try to highlight the most common I’ve come across.

    Official links

    Below you’ll find the official Aeria Games download links for Wolfteam, for each of the three languages it supports. It is always recommended to use the official download links, over any third-party links, to minimize the risk of downloading something you shouldn’t, or that could put you at potential risk.

    Official EN Download Official DE Download Official FR Download

    These links will download a set of data to your computer, which will then allow for the game to be installed, then patched.

    Please noteThe above solution is the recommended option and what is fully supported by Aeria Games. If for whatever reason they are not working, please feel free to keep following down this guide, but note that this is my own advice and in no way supported/endorsed by Aeria Games.

    Offline data links

    As the official links above seem to have a lot of issues for a large number of users, I’m hosting the downloaded data and an installer for it so that you can skip the step, removing some of the variables that might be at fault of the above not working.

    Offline Downloaders

    To use these, please do the following:

    1. Open the link above in a web browser of your choice
    2. Select one of the three languages to download, for example, EN for the English version
    3. Once the download completes, open the download, extract the folder inside, then run the application setup file.
    4. Run through the installer, selecting the options you wish, which will then install the game.

    Whole WT Folder downloads

    For those that are having issues with all the above, or wish to download the game in this format, I have also started to host whole WT folders for each language, with patches applied to the data that is stated. This might be a good option if there is a known issue with any of the latest patches, so you can roll back to a working set of data.

    Whole WT Folder Downloads

    To use the above, please do the following:

    1. Open the link above in a web browser of your choice
    2. Select one of the three languages to download, for example, EN for the English version
    3. Once the download completes, open the download, extract the folder inside to where you want your game data to be installed. I would suggest sticking with the default C:\AeriaGames\WolfTeam-XX where XX is the version of data you downloaded.
    4. Then launch the game from the file Launcher.exe within that folder
    5. If working correctly, feel free to create a shortcut to that file and place it on your desktop.

    Part 2 – Issues patching the game

    Within this section, I’ll try to give you some advice on why the game might not be patching. Most of the time, it isn’t anything to do with the game setup, but something within your own environment that is being blocked. But before you start playing around with anti-virus and firewalls, try to access a few known websites and see if they load correctly. It might be that your home network isn’t working as it should, such as the DNS isn’t happy. More on this below.

    Antivirus (AV)

    Without doubt, 9 out of 10 times players have unable to patch the game is to do with their antivirus (AV) blocking it. The easiest way to determine if this is the case for you, would to be disable your AV (if it allows you to) and launch the game. If it patches correctly, then that is what is to blame. If that is the case, since we don’t want to do anything online without protection on our PC, you’ll need to write an exception rule within the software for the Wolfteam folder, which should then allow you to turn it back on and everything to be working as it should.

    It is worth noting that Windows 10 users will likely find disabling their third-party AV, will then have the Windows default AV kick in, which again, might block the game. So same process with that, write a rule, test it, then enable it. This would be the same if you have multiple AV’s on your computer, for whatever reason, although I would strongly suggest removing them and only having one, as often they confuse each other and create more problems than they solve.


    Chances are, troubleshooting the AV situation will lead you onto the firewall as they often work very closely together and tends to be within the same third-party solution. So, like we did for the AV, we’ll need to create a rule that allows the Wolfteam folder to happily go through the firewall.

    The main difference with the firewall though, is that Windows firewall never really gets turned off, even when using a third-party solution. There shouldn’t be a need to add the folder to the exception list, as a prompt should popup asking you if you are happy for this program to connect through your network, in which case, please select allow. Once complete, this should allow the game to do what it needs to.

    Network configuration

    As mentioned above, there maybe a largest issue with your network setup. Again, each case will likely be different, as there could be several problems here, but I would suggest testing several other games and loading a few different websites, making sure they are loading correctly.

    You may need to contact your internet provider, or a local IT professional if you are struggling with this, as it isn’t something myself, nor Aeria Games can help with.


    Hopefully by now you are back online and able to login to the game. It is possible that something might update on your computer and you may need to troubleshoot these related issues again, but the process is the same, disable, test, write rules, then enable. No IT professional would ever recommend running your computer without any protection, as they wouldn’t ever recommend not installing Windows updates. It’s a dangerous world out there online and although you’ll never be 100% safe, you can still make it hard as possible, so they give up and target someone else.

    Need help?

    As always, I’m only a few clicks away. Best bet is to contact me on the Wolfteam Discord (http://discord.gg/wolfteam) and leave a message in the Games questions channel, then myself, or one of our amazing fellow GM’s can help out.

    You can also message me on Discord, Forums, or in-game if that would be easier.