Stuck on Initializing Launch Patch

  • I redownloaded wolfteam and the problem still persists. I can't even download Aeria Ignite, neither can I open wolfteam. It keeps saying "Initialize... Launcher Patch..." and after that "can't connect to auto download server" may I know if it's a maintenance or a problem with my computer? I havent played this game in 2 years.

  • Aeria Ignite closed down around 2 years ago, so that would be why that isn't working. For some reason, it is included in the game data still.

    The above solution is great if the game hasn't installed correctly, but if it has, then it'll likely be something to do with your setup on your PC. Often, it tends to be antivirus related. I would suggest disabling it, then see if the game patches. If that is the case, I would then write a rule allowing that game folder through the AV.