Christmas Event 2018

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    Welcome to the Christmas event!

    We are in a gifting mood, so Santa Lycan decided to give you plenty of rewards. Along with our in-game events, we decided to make a super easy and fun questionnaire.



    Answer correctly to all questions from the Questionnaire to win Zaitsev Christmas Red 3 days, DE-50 Christmas Green 3 days, ELWRCi M6A2 Christmas Blue 3 days, HARPOON Christmas Red 3 days, MK-5 EG Christmas Green 3 days, Angela Christmas Special Edition 3 days and Matt Baker Christmas Special Edition 3 days.

    Participation reward: 10k Gold, 10k Wolf Coins and 5 random mystery boxes

    Players who answer correctly to all questions will receive all of the rewards mentioned above.


    This event will run from 22.12 until 01.01.2019.


    You cannot participate more than once with one account!

    Make sure to give your account name (Aeria ID), not in-game name!

  • Hey Wolves,

    I am happy to announce that all of the rewards have been sent out.

    Here are the correct answers:


    Paien Lab

    Simon Bolivar

    Rose Fox

    Geremi Song Valentine

    Marien Arnault Reboot


    AKEI-47 GL

    EF-2000 Limited


    Hanna X-mas

    Eliana X-mas

    Illude Vaganov Ivanov Worldwar

    Thank you all for your participation!

    May 2019 bring you lots of health and happiness!


    CM Selene