GSs are becoming GMs

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    Hello Wolves,

    We have some news for you! Our beloved GSs are becoming GMs.

    Here at gamigo AG we only have two types of volunteer support staff:

    Moderators and Game Masters

    • A Moderator tasks are focused primarily on the forum and tasks outside the game, such as organizing the forum, aiding with support and bug reports.
    • A Game Master is primarily focused on the game itself. They are there to assist players, answer questions, and creating and hosting in game events!
    • Both Moderator and Game Master can share responsibilities in some ways, but they each have their own focus. Some teams combine both roles into one to suit the team’s needs!

    In our game, we combine both roles, because our helpers can do both at the same time, since they all have super powers!

    You can find an updated information of our whole wolf pack here

    Stay strong!