What Can We Do To Bring People Back Into The Game?

  • Hello all!

    So I wanted to hear what you guys think!

    I need two questions answered:

    1) What would bring players back into this game and keep them here?

    2) What are your suggestions on how we can fix any issues preventing this from happening?

    Be as descriptive as possible! This will be forwarded to the staff here :)


  • 1. Clear all the hackers, no matter if he/she spent money on the game or not he/she should be banned permanently and instantly. Apart from this make the game Fair to Play so that everyone can play the game.

    2. Ban the hackers instantly, the banning system should be fast. Introduce some of your own weapons ask the community to design weapons like in Ironsight.

  • 1. Start banning hackers, also join game and ban directly.

    2. Fix the balance that new PMs promissing almost a year but making it even worse and worse and worse.

    3. Fix bugs / update game.

    4. Stuff aeria do / did upto now.

    >In this order<

    Basically learn from softnyx and joygame.

    Stop making useless things like you do now and say "we are busy",

    also aeria takes hours up to a day for "maintenance stuffthingwhateveritis" which is done in joy literally in minute + they add a shop update next to that...


  • note: this won't like Cashers!

    1- ruining the game by CASHERS!

    OP items + 4cards=destroying the game

    when a noob joins the game and he plays in a room, he takes a weapon and suddenly TETRA ARMED,

    kills him from 10 meter and the high ranks in the room can't kill the tetra armed

    what will he do?! obviously leaving the room.

    Everybody knows that Cats are bad in DASHING , so nobody uses DASH , they just hit normally

    because small head and runs.

    All noobs hate CATS and they don't dash just hit normally, but when you make NEW cat

    kills with DASH better than SE the game will die!

    cat kill kill all without DASH what will happen if it can dash and kill by 2hit!!!!!!!

    very fast can't aim it and IF you snip its head by M-500(which kills all wolves) it wouldn't die!

    2-Marien reboot and ANDRINA

    Every wolf in the game has negativity, such ash GHOST, you can hide and %99 of players can't

    know where you are but it's WEAK when they see the ghost it would die easily!

    Everything Thing in WolfTeam has a negativity,that what WT built in it!

    but Marien is the fastest wolf in the game and has powerful damage+ good defense

    so where is the negativity?!!!!!

    Marien can kill all players in red easily!

    and with cards ...!!


    without talking FLAME kills by one hit even if you are Guardian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shock bomb ...etc

    4- OP items

    1-Legend has 0 negativity , if you already used VEMPR you know that it's powerful

    and unbelievable but it has only 10 ammo, so there is a negativity!

    but legend head and aim kill by 4 hit bod!

    what is the difference between hack no RECOIL and legend?

    Nowdays Nobody uses SHIFT , it's funny how to see high ranks don't use SHIFT

    because legend aready has it xD.

    2- All wolves hate REBOOT but its OP and they make rooms with title

    NO REBOOT, because it has double defense of SE WOLF

    but when you make new Reboot with ICE that means you already killed MODE WOLF

    NOOBS just want balance or at least no OP items as i said before!

    make good events , get back goldrush , give them good items

    and stop giving them dead items!

    i don't say give them legend but give them good items

    such as dash in events or ultimate

    by the way i hate events but i have to say the true!

  • I agree with 52434254243

    now i will talk about Cards

    How the noob will play CatTeam if he don't have any cards and he new player in CatTeam and all vip's abusers

    Can shot fast and more hp and speed and Shockbomb and flameThrower and Defense in Wolf and Human

    50 hit and still full hp

    Now i will talking about Scrath/tattos

    There is new tattos good for Def and attack but not good it speed

    And there is tattos for for Speed and attack but not good in defense

    but Now in CatTeam there is new tattos Legend wolf

    everything in wolf 35 speed , attack defense everything and Def 20% in human def arm , leg , body , head

    and the Scrath can kill 215 char with 3 hits There is Scrath hit noob and run he will get damage 30 hp

    And there is Scrath hit the noob will get hit -5hp for 5s

    And now ask your self why in Softnyx 500 rooms and you can't create room cuz the game is full :D

    but in Aeria only 20 rooms and one time 50 room for 30mins xDD

    Beacuse Softnyx give the noob items good and can kill vip's beacuse there is many events can did it the noob

    and get legend for 1day or ultiamte for 3 days and chars 2 days blue and red and the vip can buy everything in shop

    and the noob can get items can kill the vip with this items

    But in Aeria the GM sent 3 cardbox in gold and then say '' why all don't play '' DeadTeam '' .

  • 1. Make gold easier to earn. Either give gold coupon jackpot box for daily login or burning event.
    2. Give every new player 250hp char for 30days. You can also sell it for gold or change the permanent rank up rewards from xmas look to 250 hp. You give them OP weapons like akei xmas from tutorial they don't know how to use(just spray) and they still die in 1 hit with their basic char. Genius.
    3. Improve event rewards, reduce the playtime and kills required. Remove legend items like uzas legend and em4a1 legend from these events.
    4. Update the permanent rank up rewards. From Junior Special Warfare Colonel (14,767,500 GP) onwards, you could give items like hamada/angela mao special parts helmet+body armour+mask+boots+gloves to upgrade the wolf look armour. Or sell the permanent parts at 99 AP once players reach that rank.
    5. Update item shop/wc shop/vip lounge so f2ps don't get raped by p2ws. Sell weapons like hke 417 mc, em468 wcup, aer 15 xmas, wolf guard, wolf wall dash, wolf ability for WC/gold.

    6(Not trolling). Continue with your current sales, but at discounted prices(50% off or more) so more players can afford AP items. Sell AIO pack so everyone has 300 hp chars/legend and the game is balanced again, basically turning the game into WTIS/TR :)

  • I would suggest selling the EM468 TTDT, the one that is a primary gun instead.
    I'm 100% against the AllInOne package (even though I would have bought it, if it still was a thing) and instead of that sell little packages that are useful such as EX-Items pack with the Room Master, Power User and the 100% GP&Gold bonus for something like 4k-5k AP.

  • 1) Boxes need some updating. EG: Lucky box; (STEN, MP-40, Tommy-45 (original)) aren't top tier weapons anymore, but back in the day it was good. Please think about changing the weapons/items in there.

    2) (maybe may not happen), my idea to put weapon slots for WC for an undisclosed amount of WC. A new player who doesn't want/have cash will have a hard time against full wolves. 2nd weapon slots were good to cashers back then, new players with just 1 primary gun will not be able to compete these days.

    3) (also may not happen) (2+2) on characters, as in 2 random blue/red 1 and 1 female perm chars and 2 random red/blue male chars for perm, so they can decide if on both sides if they want to play for gold or GP or play one side for gold or one side for GP.

  • Okay, so as I said, I also have certain ideas that could help the game grow in popularity.:/

    . It might be not so important but it is definitely something that should be on the to-do list and that is, surprisingly, good promotion of the game. Namely, a new and better trailer since the last one was uploaded 8 years ago. A good idea would be to make a controlled event out of it. You can ask players to prepare those trailers by themselves, using certain keywords or phrases that have to appear in the trailer. Or you can ask players to send you their short clips and add some of them to the trailer (with /uioff of course). The website should be a little bit more updated as well, section with characters explained, maps and weapons shown etc. It would be nice if the game was promoted by some YouTubers/Twitch streamers too, not necessarily very big ones.

    . Getting a few partners would be cool, they could upload videos of new items etc., showing the game as something fun to play. The game has got a few modes which are quite unusual (at least for me), f.e. ice hold, wolfhunt etc.so why not make it as a huge advantage? They can be really fun. Personally, I have never seen a game in which you can revive teammates once they die.

    . Something else, analogically, would be to organise more events – ones that could make the game more balanced. And I mean.. real events... rewards such as Lucky Boxes or Weapon Boxes are dreadful and I hope you all agree with me.

    . Both shops should be changed and I saw that you figured it out by now. Items adjusted, prices adjusted (unless you want to make it easier to get gold/wc).

    . I have read that our staff work closely with the developers so let me mention a few things that are pretty annoying and cannot be fixed by publishers (well, I guess):

    • gifts: once you exchange an item that is on the Xth page, you are forced to go back to the first page,
    • shop & clan: loading screen of the shop and clan search - both take “ages” to load,
    • bugged invitations: players are unable to invite others unless they delete the message "Your assistance is requested",
    • in-game chat: players cannot delete their messages that they wrote in the in-game chat by just clicking ESC. Don't know about others but when testing, sometimes I found it very irritating because it blocks you for a few seconds until you delete everything manually,
    • mixed languages in the English client: I am using the English client of the game and whenever I point something in the game with my mouse I get a description written in French,
    • in-game sound: can also be irritating so allowing people to change the volume of commands or groaning of dead characters (separately) would be perfect for players who take sound seriously.

    About things in posts written above:

    . I agree that changing rank up rewards would be a good thing and I don't say that those things must be super good, however, at some point people ought to be rewarded with 250hp characters. As I was following the discussion on discord and here as well, I have noticed that many people point out that basic characters are just simply not enough to make players enjoy shooting... and dying... Well, among veterans those characters are still fun so removing them is definitely not an option but how about changing the rewards in the tutorial? What if a new account, after completing the tutorial was rewarded with two 250 characters for 14 days (up to 30days)? I guess that would make more sense these days. Those players would have something to start with and later on, getting a 250hp character permanently as a rank reward would motivate them to play more.

    . What is more, I like the idea of challenges that are in game (collect certain amount of headshots, sneak attacks etc - btw there is a typo in game... it should not be “snake attack”). Too bad that completing these gives you some poor emblems that are only noticeable for the person who got killed by you (and only for a few seconds - if they do not have instant ressurection during a deathmatch). I would bring those emblems back to the profiles. And I would make new challenges that are fun, f.e. get a certain amount of kills with PI8S.... headshots with C-95 or kar-95...or sneak attacks with Dragon Axe Pro. These could be weekly challenges that f.e. gives you 5 WC boxes or gold boxes.

    . As I mentioned Wolf Coins... It would be nice for the players to be able to send gifts that cost WC and not only gold. It should be implemented in the game long time ago.

    . And sorry for referring to the website again making my post even more chaotic but daily rewards for logging in should be adjusted to the game’s standards and also listed somewhere on the website, same as for weekly events.

    . Last but one is security. All Aeria Games’ profiles should be better protected (some people spend quite a lot of money to be able to play) so things like optional phone number in case of having problems with logging in should be added.

    . The last but not least thing would be to change Free Loot Boxes (but first, bringing the free rewards page back to live). It would give players a chance to get something good for a short period of time and maybe encourage them to buy those things in the future if they like it. Of course those would be average things, not too op, something that would allow them to enjoy the game more and come back to the website on a daily basis...Maybe once in 12 hours? I actually prepared a list of 15 things that could be added to this section if anyone is interested. I can also help preparing the new shop and share my ideas of items and prices.

    . I did not mention AAH kicking, out of memory errors and hacking software, I guess it is obvious that no matter how good items people get, they will still be discouraged by these three. Like I have said on discord, AAH is very disturbing. It has been here since years and there’s no other way to fight it but to remove it completely and among all the other problems this one should be #1 problem for Softnyx to fix.

    . I know it is a lot and not everything is possible but since there is some sort of communication with the developers, it would be nice if they could get to know those ideas. I am always open to talk more about other ideas (yes, that is still not everything) so if I could be of any help, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Cheers! :thumbup:

  • I would also suggest adding more Permanent Items while ranking up from Top Colonel to 5 Red Stars. Something that is worth having, such as EX-Items: Power Master, Power User, Zero Reduction when leaving the room and so on; eventually Hardcores and or guns that are somewhat usable: Elwrici, Zaitsev, Kar, EM468 and other great guns.

  • 3) (also may not happen) (2+2) on characters, as in 2 random blue/red 1 and 1 female perm chars and 2 random red/blue male chars for perm, so they can decide if on both sides if they want to play for gold or GP or play one side for gold or one side for GP.

    Could you explain a bit more? I don't understand this well enough.

    From the looks of it, he is trying to explain that it would be useful to get 2 permanent blue characters, one that is a female to have the 30% more gold bonus and one that is a male to have the 30% more GP bonus. Likewise on the red side.

    Users can then switch in between them both in base of their farming type (more GP or more gold).

    Edit: I forgot to add the explanation zzzzz

  • The best idea is to add the purchase with a phone in all countries of the world. most players are between 8 and 18 years old and 20% more than 18. they cant have credit card or payplay or anything that allows them to buy ap. but everyone has a phone, younger or older can buy with the phone. and add all countries can buy with the phone. 40% or 50% of players are now Arabs . most of the Arab counties do not have paypal and international credit cards and I am one of them I buy once a year when I go 1 week in France every summer. It is unfair . all my Tunisian friends,more than 30 players, they stop wolfteam for the same reason that they cant buy ap! and we tried to send a lot of tickets but nothing changes. I have friends from Morocco and Algeria have the same problems. The best way is to add a phone number to all countries in "Payment Options", as if all players could buy older or youngers no one will stop wolfteam . I stopped wt for the same reason and I have back playing when i have buy ap when i have go to france . (sorry if my english so bad )

  • The best idea is to add the purchase with a phone in all countries of the world. most players are between 8 and 18 years old and 20% more than 18. they cant have credit card or payplay or anything that allows them to buy ap. but everyone has a phone, younger or older can buy with the phone. and add all countries can buy with the phone. 40% or 50% of players are now Arabs . most of the Arab counties do not have paypal and international credit cards and I am one of them I buy once a year when I go 1 week in France every summer. It is unfair . all my Tunisian friends,more than 30 players, they stop wolfteam for the same reason that they cant buy ap! and we tried to send a lot of tickets but nothing changes. I have friends from Morocco and Algeria have the same problems. The best way is to add a phone number to all countries in "Payment Options", as if all players could buy older or youngers no one will stop wolfteam . I stopped wt for the same reason and I have back playing when i have buy ap when i have go to france . (sorry if my english so bad )

    Pretty useless when you can use CashU as payment method in the International tab.
    Tunisia is MENA country, therefore you have it too.

  • Pretty useless when you can use CashU as payment method in the International tab.
    Tunisia is MENA country, therefore you have it too.

    even cushu we dont have it too . we can do account but we cant actived or recharge it with money same paypal . we can do account but there is no way to recharge that account . some countries only way to buy is with phone . i already talked about that with LoknaiL,selina,sgs x . i send alot of tickets ( frensh / germany and english version )

  • You should try a ranking system like on CS : GO or Overwatch where only fairplay weapon and characters are allowed.
    It would be nice. (A fairplay channel for clan wars would be nice too)

    The EN/DE/FR server is becoming like the turkish one. I don't think people will come back by doing this.

    The problem is that it's very hard to begin EN/DE/FR wolfteam... You don't have characters, weapon etc. (same for people who didn't play for a while)

    Investment in advertisement would be good too.

  • Hello,

    First of all, a big BIG patch is needed to fix bugs, crashes, glitches and the rest.

    Second thing that would be pretty good is to make WC more accessible, because a lot of stuff in WC shop is very expensive compared to gaining WC.

    Which brings me to Shops- more items in shops would be nice and a regular refreshing of items as well.

    We need to encourage new players to start playing and of course bring old players back.

    Another big problem are hackers, which can be a huge pain in the a**.

    Kick votes need to be free in my opinion or at least being able to buy them for gold.

    Gold lounge should be refreshed as well so there arent the same items all the time.

    Need for balancing cashers and non cashers is a MUST.

    Make Dash cheaper.

    Legend weapons are too strong.

    This game has a huge potential.

    This is all from me for now but I will probably be back with suggestions.

    Just to be clear, I have been playing this game for a LONG time and I know what I am talking about, but I had left this game for a couple of times because of the isuess said above. I would love to see this game growing and I hope that happens. So yeah, this is my opinion on the current state of the game.



  • Solution is simple :

    1) Remove all micro transactions that grant higher stats.

    Every player; new or old must remain on the same playing field. There must be no Pay 2 Win.

    This is why I left, and many other users left to begin with,

    2) Permanently ban any and all hackers

    I work as a Moderator for an MMO game, and we have zero tolerance policy for hackers. Once caught they're forever banned from using our game. This is done by both IP ban, and hardware ban.

  • j ai vu se poste et je voulez répondre même si il n'est pas très récent

    -aeria ,Pro.7,gamingo:

    vous êtes tous déconnecté de la réalité économique de vos joueurs , vous avez un jeu qui pourrai vous faire gagné beaucoup d argent mais vous êtes complètement à coté de la plaque

    200€ 1 armes permanent ? es ce que vous êtes sérieux ? vous avez toujours pas compris que le probleme viens de ça ? soit vous êtes aveugle, soit vous le faites exprès.

    -quand on voit que les armes les plus fortes sont seulement avec des ap , on désinstalle le jeu ,

    -quand on voit les prix des items, on ne télécharge même pas le jeu,

    7 jours 1legend 17€ = 28 jours 68€ en promotion

    -vous avez tellement abusé sur les prix des items , que les anciens joueurs qui payaient régulièrement sont partit, en plus certain on subit les nerf des items ,alors qu ils les avaient payé très cher.

    personnellement je n 'est plus confiance en vous , même si les prix baissé de 95%, je ne dépenserai plus comme avant, vous avais fait des promotion tout en sachant que des nerf aller être appliqué et vous avez remis la fautes sur les dev ,alors que c'est vous qui décidez dans la boutique web , aucune compensation juste un silence de mort et une communication a travers les GS ( aujourd hui GM).

    le pire dans tous cela , c est vous qui êtes a l origine des probleme d équilibre dans le jeu avec cette escalade des prix . si tous le monde pouvez acheter les items à des prix raisonnable personne ne se plaindrai des items plus fort

    comment faire revenir les joueur ? et comment les faire rester ?

    -vous avez supprimé 3 forum pour repartir sur de bonne base ,

    mais vous n avez jamais supprimé cette "stu..de" boutique web pour repartir sur de bonne base , je pense que c est "la priorité" dans wolfteam , une nouvel boutique web avec des prix cohérent

    le programme de fidélité est une horreur sans nom (64k ap) , es ce que vous réalisé l'impact sur l'image de votre société ? ou non ? on vous traite de société PAY TO WIN . et c'est le premier frein dans cette société,

    -21000 ap pour jouer contre les 100 joueurs actif qu'il reste ? vous devez régler se probleme avant même de chercher a faire revenir les joueurs ,ou ils repartiront très vite

    -vous pouvez faire autant de pub et offrir autant de cadeau que voulez tant que cette image de pay to win existe la communauté diminuera et aura de moins en moins confiance ,la confiance est la clé a la consommation

    -la boutique web est la bête noir de ce jeu et c'est la première chose que les joueurs voient

  • First, it definitely has to stop with the whole P2W. That is, you should also be able to play things like Wolf-Dash or something.

    We definitely need more players, so make advertising and be accordingly beginner friendly. That's a big problem WolfTeam has. A William Kroll is killed directly by an AP weapon oneshot.

    The game should also be updated a bit, I'm talking about the graphics.

    What are really the two most important points for me is the advertising and a beginner-friendly game.

  • Beginner-friendly game XD Wt is like some badàss ghetto and these cashers are like gangsters who are not very nice to new faces

    I mean, it need to be a beginner-friendly game. And if it does not, we will not getting new players. When i played this game, you could easily join in a channel, with only recruits. Today you wont find many of them. In year 2011, when i played this game the first time, you did only see in a free for all server william krolls and may 1 SE.

  • Yeah but i'm pretty sure it wont be before this game get closed cuz of lack of players. What i remember from rookie channel was all of these 3 x arrival dm rooms with atleast 2 hackers in one game ;D 2011 was like the rise of the hackers because all these crazy WLP programs came. 2007 flying guardians and 2008 blackcharmsv2 wave was like warm milk compared to that

    I mean, they did such a perfect job on anti-cheat, but to late. You wont get so many hackers. I played this game now since 2 weeks and no hacker. In 2017 there were full of hacker. Now you wont get so many hackers. Maybe 1 per week ^^ wolfteam is on a good way, but to late

  • My take(3 days sample size):

    About gaining permanent items:

    I think some of it are fine but I personally wouldn't want to get characters and their parts permanently. At the same time considering the current state of the game I can see the reasoning in handing out items permanently but for me that ruins the dynamic of the game. Handing out powerful weapons/equipments permanently in my opinion is that kind of approach I hate as it incentivizes the power status of the guns/armours in the game, leaving the other guns/armours to dust and render them useless(think of WW2 weapons set, UAE set, X-packages, etc). Armour has its own power status which is reflected on their usage.

    So in my opinion handing out powerful guns from the get-go permanently is pretty flammable and discourages some usage of gold-purchased guns/ap-purchased guns. This applies to armor items.


    It is fair to look into this and say: "Ah, the game dynamic is dominated by pay to win aspect." Those without equipments/powerful items currently have almost 0 skill expression power unless you abuse certain factors like camping in unusual spots(this used to work like 6-7 years ago but I don't have enough experience to say about the current year).

    Does the game encourage equality? No, it doesn't. We are also given access to some powerful weapons permanently as well as given some equipments permanently. What does this encourage? Domination of powerful weapons/equipments that stay in power for long periods of time. This discourages the use of a lot of older guns that were used back in the days a bit more often(think WW2 sets, UAE sets, One day packages, etc).

    If it isn't obvious as well, we can look into the dominant weapons that are most used in the game

    [Someone more knowledgeable can add the current guns that are considered powerful(Legends, Ultimates, M6A2's, etc)]

    Weapon statistics also affect a lot in this as well as the power of the armor items and characters that have innate stats and these factors implicate their own status of power in the game so maybe we should look into these statistics so they don't have this much power funneled into them.

    * Representation of the game(balance, stats, gameplay dynamic, etc)[Can be linked to the balancing] *

    A discussed topic from what I've seen. Includes marketing/advertising of the game as it is currently. This game used to stand for its unique feature in transforming to a wolf, hence having modes dedicated to humans vs wolves, etc. I think certain modes have died in their play rate to a certain degree due to the nature of tattoos/equipments, etc.

    Wolves usually provided a playstyle revolving around escaping or quickly turning the tables in a tight spot so you could "wolf" your way out of a bad situation. Now there is so much power available, such as SE wolves that can slow, Wolf Dashing, Powerfully statted tattoos/scratches, etc. In normal human/wolves vs human/wolves you often get wolf'd to oblivion because of this unless you are equipped with powerful armour items and weapons(Pay to win btw).

    I don't personally believe we need wolf dash but it's stuck in so I can't really make a counter-point to it as I haven't ever used it.

    Have you actually seen any Ice Wolves or Power Wolves in a normal human/wolf vs human/wolf mode these days?

    ** Balance out gun stats and their weapon points(Most ap guns or ex-ap guns have a low cost to use after x amount of kills) **

    E.g: AUZ A2 Covra with a pistol and knife(extra ammo included) is around 500WP(Weapon Point) whereas, say, EM4 Legend is around 340WP I think?

    Point is, make a weapon point system reflect the power of a gun. If it's considered strong, make it cost more and if it's weaker, consider lowering the weapon point cost of the said gun. From top of my head I think Any legend guns/ultimate guns are probably considered the strongest so in that instance maybe raise/lower the weapon point cost to reflect their status as powerful guns. This would encourage the use of other guns that aren't really used much/often due to the power of the weapons currently being used. I think this should apply to your weapon load-out as well. If I recall, having an extra weapon slot is basically 0 cost on WP. You get access to 2 guns, a pistol, a knife and grenade(s) too easily without it reflecting on weapon point cost.

    Power Rooms can be/are, in my opinion, an exception to this as you already pay money to get the ex-item that gives you access to create these rooms with 0 cost on everything.

    TL:DR: VISIT THE WEAPON LOADOUTS AND ITS WEAPON POINT SYSTEM. If a weapon is considered overly powerful in its status/usage, raise its weapon cost. If a weapon is in power considered lower/doesn't see much usage, reduce cost of its weapon point system.

    Bug Fixing

    Does this need its explanation?

    Events and forges

    From what I've seen we've some events going like the kill-count event and bingo(why do we have this?)

    Maybe we'd need some other player vs player type of events with their own themes(e.g classic human vs wolves conquest, x mode(can be snipers, pistols, rifles, knives), Lots of good, unused modes that are "extinct" due to power of the items currently in the game.

    Forge(s) I think have been a healthy addition so I don't feel like there needs to be any changes made, but perhaps have some variety in items weekly/monthly.


    Personally I don't feel that we need to really change the graphics of the game itself. The current graphics define the game but I can agree that the game itself feels block-ish in a sense if you look into certain objects. Some are literally just cubes that have textures placed on them. I don't have much input for this.

    Rant about the presentation of WolfTeam

    * insight about the state of the game and the stance of wolves/balance discussion

    * I think this also discourages people to not really get invested in playing WolfTeam

    * There are a lot of references in YouTube if you want to study the history of WolfTeam up to the current state to see where the direction of the game has gone to(If you actually are genuinely curious).

    - WolfTeam 2009 to WolfTeam 2019(You have to narrow to certain search words if you want to look for more content)

    So there's a WolfTeam Reboot 2017 trailer that has gameplay. It holds up to the current state of WolfTeam very well. WolfTeam 2017 Reboot Trailer

    Now for me this doesn't scream "free to play" at all as everything you see in the video is just powercreeped wolves and characters that demonstrates this, oh, so called "Reboot" of WolfTeam.

    I mean, this game was supposed to be free to play where you had equality and outplays were possible.

    Where are we now? Fully Tattoo'd, Legends, Overstatted characters/wolf items, etc.

    Yes, we can say that if you want to have edge, you purchase AP, but should it be actually this powerful? I personally don't think it should be. Everything powerful is locked behind premium cash items.

    Do we even see previously powerful wolves like Berserker, Ice, Psycho, Power, Smart and Guardian wolves in their slots in human/wolves vs human/wolves mode?

    Effin' no, we do not. Everything is now dominated by new characters with powerful stats and tattoos that can just insta-kill you when the old generation wolves had their own uniqueness, so to speak.

    Ice Wolf for example could provide crowd control element to take advantage of the slows.

    Psycho Wolf could pull someone out of cover/into the air.

    Smart Wolf is agile(don't know what else of use is for this wolf other than its speed and agility/nimbleness).

    Power Wolf is just better regular wolf.

    Berserker Wolf is a "one hit"(not anymore) claw wolf that can suicide for massive damage.

    Guardian is tank but slow(don't know why this was even considered to have as a secondary wolf option).

    There is no encouragement for these wolves and they're simply outclassed by these new, powerful characters/wolves with innate slows/speed/damage, etc.


    Not much to say but there are few maps that are suited for certain game modes specifically:

    * For example, Göten Tepa or whatever it is called is more suited for a knife/pistol mode(if we're considering fairness. Might as well throw in wolves(?)).

    * Playtest the map(s) to categorize their usage in game modes instead of just outright releasing them(Perhaps they are play-tested but I feel there are some maps that are given a blind eye.

    Jumping/Running and shooting

    I'm probably nitpicking into this but from what i've seen there is literally just this "meta", if you want to call it that, revolving around literally running/jumping and still getting kills.

    WALKING(SHIFT BUTTON) is in the game that reduces your crosshair's size and "GIVES" more accuracy(Should still, right?)

    I am sorry but why does RNG let you just shoot in the head when you jump? **

    Why is running more superior than walking with the benefit of more accuracy? **

    Why is the combination of running and jumping superior to walking? **

    ** Results in unhealthy gameplay **

    Please, this kind of playstyle needs some form of penalty/downside because this should never really exist in the first place as it realistically shouldn't be possible.

    Suggestions for this:

    Have recoil penalty be higher

    Remove RNG factor of getting a lucky headshot while running/jumping(or the combination of this)

    Reward accuracy in walking over running/jumping

    If we're being brutally honest, this won't still solve the standing issue of armor/characters being overstatted that lets you tank hits like no tomorrow but this change could possibly reduce the meta revolving around running/jumping like monkeys(no offense).

    A gun like XEM, I think, is probably the only exception I've seen that can abuse running/strafing since it was designed to be that style of a gun in the first place but shifting does it make it more accurate.

    Will continue if I have more ideas

  • Just make it easier for people who don't shop cash.

    Maybe better rewards...(better doesn't mean OP like legend)

    Update the boxes:lucky box is very useless

    In the 8k wc forge as a rewards there is a elwrci m6a2 sl For 10 day.... Seriously?

    More challenges or events.

    The people is in this wolfteam's server is 90% casher 5%new players and 5% really brave people who don't shop ap.

    Cards are impossible to get for people like me. I can just buy them from the shop... Not so good... In the vip lounge to get nice cards I should spend about 1 million gold... Not so easy to get them

    Sorry for bad English

    Hope you will fix something


  • 1) Just make it easier for people who don't shop cash.

    2) In the 8k wc forge as a rewards there is a elwrci m6a2 sl For 10 day.... Seriously?

    3) More challenges or events.

    The people is in this wolfteam's server is 90% casher 5%new players and 5% really brave people who don't shop ap.

    4) Cards are impossible to get for people like me. I can just buy them from the shop... Not so good... In the vip lounge to get nice cards I should spend about 1 million gold... Not so easy to get them

    1) Agreed. The game was fine to be played up to 2013. After that I imagine is where the game itself went downhill(I'm led to believe this way). Never understood why these 300+hp characters or "old generations, but buffed"- characters in the first place. You could've just left them with 240hp with the same previous stats from old SE characters but retain their GP/Gold gain bonus. This would've been much healthier and f2p players would still have counterplay possibilities. But you done did it, Sofnyx chaps. Also what's with these stupid cyberwolves. Ludicrous hitbox to even hit properly and just a stupid concept. If we're going by lore standards that by some gimmicky magicky we created soldiers who could harness

    their werewolves and BY SOME WAY OR FORM actually manage to make themselves transform into a cyberwolf, then you've just done the original werewolves a disservice already.

    Rebooted characters and others of similar power have done the game itself nothing but harm for supposedly fairplay.

    2) Elwrci SL is permanent these days. I also don't really understand why we need previously strongest rifle now as a permament item. I personally don't really want these kind of guns permanently. I'd rather get them via AP or WC(depending what gun/guns you prefer to use).

    To expand: I used to love gold weapons such as EF and AUZ a lot as they were primarily the best f2p guns you could use. Now you don't see them being used as much along with other gold shop/wolf coin shop guns. We're overridden by weapons with high specs such as: EMP 5 XMAS, Legend-series, AER's, VEMPR Elite, Ultimate etc.(to name a few I've seen being used)

    I can primarily understand EMP 5's stats but its damage is overtuned. Never should've been placed this high at all considering how little recoil it has (70 base damage with 350 headshot). Every weapon design from 2013 onward seems to have gone wry, almost as if the weapons haven't been playtested to test out their fairness in public games.

    Hence I think we need actual playtesters to test out guns so that they can be fine tuned instead of sulking the excuse to "just pay to win games with these powerful items". It is integral to have players who play the game f2p way or classic way to be able to have counterplay.


    3) If achievable and fun to actually do, yes. Every public game in my eyes is so unhealthy it doesn't really feel fun for a player(unless you've gotten super gear) to complete these events.

    4) Seen a bit of these and never understood why they have to bring some extra stats like hp or whatever. You could've had the opportunity to expand some wolfteam lore this way better instead, create some form of a background story that would be more interesting and captivating for a player(if there is interest, which I sadly doubt is not). I can't sadly blame the way this card system has been approached with but I would've found it more interesting marketing wise.

  • 1) Sure.

    2) I usually loved the luxury that Wolf Coins provided when you collected enough of them. Should be an option to have some mini challenges to get some extra wolf coins(not so much but enough to encourage to complete challenges).

    3) So, I don't really care about this but In Wolfteam Softnyx the last I saw they've completely removed any previous gold guns from the old time(Might be wrong but I believe in my eyes). I would hold a huge grudge if this came to pass.

    4) Hard as the game is encouraging pay to win aspect a lot more than the equality of having the f2p = p2w

    **See guns, armors, tattoos

    A band-aid solution for this has been to give players access to equipments and previous ap guns permanently, that were somewhat considered strong(Elwrci SL which is now pretty bad in my opinion). I personally hate this solution that came to be but I can't really blame the thought behind it. Somehow you had to level up the play field between f2p and p2w and I suppose this is what the staff felt was right way to approach this.

    5) I'll be brutally honest, but I'd rather have hackers than the ludicrous pay to win environment that we're in. Why? Even with hackers there's been still few that you could still outplay if you were good(excluding wolves in human vs wolves with speed hack or wallhacking) It's bit silly but I found it more enjoyable to kill hackers back then, killing p2w- players closely equal with hacking. I guess I enjoyed in the past humiliating hackers with pure expression of skill. The same would go with players reliant on overpowered equipments as well but with hackers there's always the x factor that you have to consider(which type of hack, etc).

    I might get hated for this 5th point but this is what I at times felt when I played previously 7 years ago.

    6) I think this was discussed in the past as well but making them free would just encourage kicking unwanted people out. Hence it never came to be. Of course, this wasn't the only reason.

    7) A rotation, yes. I wouldn't want powerful weapons still that are not fun.

    8) Big YES

    9) Or simply have it's power reduced so it's not unbearable to be played against. I understand that on four legs werewolves/wolves are generally much faster than being standing on two legs but how much they gained speed on fours is just stupid. This combined with tattoos makes it so stupid.

    Frankly, I dislike Wolf Dash in general.

    10) REMOVE or NERF THEM along with other guns with similar power level. The philosophy of designing these kinds of weapons is stupid and doesn't bring much fun in general.

    11) Had, but not anymore due to some reasons below:

    * Player base in decline.

    ** Powerful items(Pay to win encouraged too much).

    *** Discouragement of equality with f2p and p2w(aligns with **).

    **** Marketing.

    ***** Perception of WolfTeam has changed over the years, hence new players are inclined not to try the game out.