Random Weapon Reviews by RRW9

  • So i decided to make this thread on some gold guns (when i came back) were new to me :P.

    My first test was the EX-95 gold gun

    its an okay gun but not good against wolves... lmao

    its almost like the hybrid between the nostalgic EM16A2 and the EM-4ST

    it has the same upward recoil pattern as the EM16A2 and the spread of the EM16A2 and the crosshair spread while "shifting" and while running while gunning.

    next one ill probably test is the PAL rifle :) let me know what you think fellas... should i do more of these kind of random off the wall weapon reviews? :/

  • Ok, next weapon review is the PAL (or FAL) in other games.

    Its a nice gun, kinda threw me off in the beginning since the FAL in other games is semi-auto. In this game though, its fully automatic.

    It feels like the baby brother of the AKEI-47's in this game.

    The recoil on it is very low and manageable :)

    The spray spread is also very low and manageable :)

    I was able to get 2 HS in a row with it

    Its a 1 hit HS to basic chars with full B-Grade armor, and its a 2 hit for most AP chars with decent defense :)

    *note: all my reviews are human vs. human combat, because i don't have a good mouse, and i hate fighting against fast wolves with wolf dash, i can't track them well :(*

    Do one on the ESL-8.

    Used it already long ago when the only 2 new gold guns were the EXK-8 MC and that gun :P

    I already have a summary I plan on posting soon.