Am I banned?

  • Hello,
    You can try going to this link and type your log-in ID in place of the word "here", for example: .. If you can access your profile link (as in the example), then there's a high chance your account is not banned. However, this might not always be the case, as in some type of bans, the account password is altered, but you could be able to access your page.

    Moreover, if you wish to know more about the account status, be able to recover your account, or request a ban appeal, you can follow the support page here Contact Us , select "EN- Wolfteam", select "I have an admin problem with my account" at the "Type of the problem", and fill in the rest of required information.

    Additionally, you'll need to provide an answer (as much as you can) for all of the required information in the "Your message" section:

    -Aeria Account name
    -Name(s) of the character(s)
    -Items which the character(s) have equipped and in the inventory
    -The original email address that was used to create the account
    -The 5 most recent AP transaction ID numbers associated with this account, along with the transaction dates, method of payment and payment amounts
    -The date the account was registered

    - The country where this account was created

    - A new mail address for the recovery of the account

    Also, note that you don't need to access the original email address for a verification when you provide it for the support team, you only need to tell them what was the exact address of the original email you used to create the account.

  • Unfortunately, there's a high chance that your account was banned for some reason; consequently, you need to follow up the rest of the reply.