Aim tips?

  • How to improve my aim in this game?

    well in classic i would suggest getting guns with a laser sight attachment such as the elwrci guns. also some gold guns have laser sights that you can upgrade on the weapon.

    if you are good at mid range with the laser-equipped weapons, try using a scope upgraded weapon, or a weapon that has a scope aready attached to it to help improve your aim even more ;)

    hope I helped :)

  • If you use some 1hs-kill weapon, them simply aim for head directly, With bit weaker weapons like elw, aim to space between chest and neck and let the recoil do the headshot after 1-2 bodyshots. Also because i have very poor gaming section on my bed without mousepad so i can't follow ppl's heads so well when they are moving a lot so i use basic sniping tactic, Don't follow enemy head with your scope, put the scope the the point where enemy head will be and do basic tap or burst shots. Idk is it worth if you play normally, but try it. Also change mouse sensitivy after every game and find out which is best for you

  • Honestly, the main important thing is keeping your aim on head level. You also need to know that if you have a high

    recoil gun such as HKE make sure to tap fire and don't spam shoot. If you are around corners I'd recommend you do press shift and walk. Guns such as TTCF AND TTCD have low recoil so they are easy to use. Juse keep your head on head level and BOOM