Looking for a gaming laptop

  • Hello, i was looking on getting a gaming laptop as per my budget.

    The Lenovo y520- 7 genIntel core i7, 1249$, 16GB of Ram, 1 or 2 TB, 256GB PCle SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX, 1060 (6GB Graphic card), 2.70Kg (6lbs)

    The Acer predator helios 300- Intel core i7, 1399$ , 16GB of Ram, 1 or 2 TB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX ( 6GB Graphic card), 2.40 Kg (5.3Lbs)

    Which one do you guys recommend?

  • Honestly speaking, I would go with the cheapest one simply because it's cheaper. But as Pepsi said, a desktop with that money will grant you more then enough power to play any game in high to ultra settings without any problem.

  • It is worth noting that laptop GPU's are normally cut down versions of the desktop ones.

    If gaming is your main focus at that price point, spend the money on the GPU, as anything i5 and 6GB RAM is more than you'll ever need. I would also suggest, getting a laptop that can be upgraded, so as time gets on, you can upgrade parts of it.

    Both look like good options though, but that'll both weight a tone and I would second the desktop comments above. :P

  • Try looking for latest new Dell G3 models, (if it's available in your country already)

    i7 7850H, gtx 1060, 16gb ram, 17" ips monitor, 256ssd + 1tb hdd for below 1000$.

    This is cheapest and best laptop i found while searching for mine.

    The only cons may be small battery (long gaming without charging may be a problem), and it get somewhat loud during long gaming sessions, but if you play with headphones you won't notice that.