Wolfteam 2007

  • Get Wolfteam 2007 back! (without p2w) 24

    1. Yes (21) 88%
    2. No (3) 13%

    Dear Wolfteamers,

    It's a long time ago when I left Wolfteam. I guess we all know why players left this game. :|

    I started playing this game since 2007 and I really loved this game :saint:. Played clan wars with a lot players, which was very fun.

    Now I checked this game for the third time (for the cosmetics, if you can call it cosmetics because of all it's extra stats..) and I see it's getting even more worse.

    I don't want to say that this game is p2w... Whoops, I just did, but, you get me. I believe the players that have been playing since 2007 would LOVE to have Wolfteam "reloaded", for real.

    My question here is, when we all want THE original Wolfteam back, we actually can and Aeriagames should fix a solution for the cosmetics you bought in the game, but won't make it p2w.

    I hope this message came in and won't be ignored. Let's bring the community back to life and I believe when they try to do something about this, that players will come back instantly. Thank you for reading my post!

    Kind regards,


  • aeria can't change powered items into cosmetics.

    All they can is fix unbalance, but that would increase amount of players and their servers wouldn't handle the popularity of the game, also it would increase income as more players play (some items even if just a little advantage still would be 'cash stuff') so they wouldn't know what to do with all that extra cash.

  • aeria can't change powered items into cosmetics.

    All they can is fix unbalance, but that would increase amount of players and their servers wouldn't handle the popularity of the game, also it would increase income as more players play (some items even if just a little advantage still would be 'cash stuff') so they wouldn't know what to do with all that extra cash.

    Ehm how you explain it is like Aeriagames is poor and sad...
    They made a ton of money out all of these 'p2w shizzle' (I believe you can make it cosmetic, so that it will be fair)...

    And with more players, more server space is needed, I know. They can just invest in that and bring the game back to life.

  • I've seen games where the cash shop is just purely cosmetics items with no advantages that have more players and generate more revenue than this game. At this point, Aeria and Wolfteam are synonymous with the term "pay 2 win" that most people would stay away from the game and company. It also doesn't help that every game also has a loot box system in one way or another, something which is seen as a very greedy developer cash grab who doesn't care about their players in the gaming community. If this game wants to see new life, Aeria has to show initiative and fix ongoing issues with the game, which they have yet to do so in the past 10 years.

  • why do you people not understand that AG CANNOT do such things as fixing the bugs in game? AG can't do much because of Softnyx. If you think that the pricing is too high for you, you don't need and have to buy ap at all.

    Edit: I did vote no. Why? Simply because its never going to happen. No company would do such thing. If you really want Wolfteam Classic, you will have to modify the game itself (that goes against Softnyx T&C) to make it look like back in the days and also host the server yourself. If you add a donation link or whatever no one will donate a regular amount of money. People want to feel rewarded after donating.

  • Aeria can't do anything because they won't do anything. Whatever Softnyx wants to do, Aeria lets them do it. Aeria is just Softnyx's lap dog. If this was an actual popular game with a dedicated community, then there would be a voice to be heard. Many communities recently have raised their voices about the state of games and developers quickly act to fix those problems. Those that don't see their communities disappear. A recent example is how Battlefront 2 became massively pay2win and the community voiced their opinion about it. EA defended their practice of using microtransactions and the community started disappearing. Because of all of this, EA's stock market value dropped $3 billion dollars and lost many sales for the title. In response to the community's outrage, EA made changes to their game, disabled the microtransactions, and admitted that it gave players unfair advantages. Another example is Master X Master. The game was doing pretty good coming out of beta until the developers decided to increase the cost of unlocking new characters and reduce the amount of resources and credits you get overall. This sparked outrage in the community and the developers didn't address the issues. Needless to say the community left and NCSoft shut down the game in a span of 7 months.

    Now I'm not saying the Wolf Team community can do something like this considering that there isn't really a community to begin with that that everybody left, but if you really wanted to breathe life back into the game, changes have to be made. Or you can keep quiet and not voice your opinions and enjoy playing your game with a player base of 10 people. The choice is up to you. Everyone who left already knows that Aeria and Softnyx doesn't care about them.

    Also, why put a donation button when you can just disguise it as a in game cosmetics? Many games do this and are far more successful with this business strategy rather than catering to wallet warriors who crawl to daddy's credit card to feed their egos. Overwatch and Counter Strike have microtransactions and loot boxes in their games and all you get out of it is cosmetic items, not equipments with stats tied to them giving massive advantages in the game. Does it look like their games are making no money?

    On a fun note: Did you know that loot boxes are declared illegal in some countries for being criticized as being anti-consumer and that some of these countries' governments have sued developers for deceptive loot box practices?

  • Yes old wt back please so i can do teambash with umf please. Won't happen but in the end this game is now 10x better atm compared to 2011-2015 times. Focus on little things and this game might be better again. Keep doing wise suggestions here and wait for good, they are listening now. I might return on some day but who'll see. I hope this game won't be unavaible when i might to download it again in the future, Bye! -Drunken master as Shiiri

  • Which group of people do you think are keeping the servers running? Those who are willing to spend hundreds of $ for reboot/legend chars/weapons to get their ez free kills. The developers are simply meeting their demand by creating more OP cash items.
    Aeria/softnyx give 0 f.ks about "stop p2w PL0X bring back 07 WT players" because they're a business and it's the cashers that pay them, not the f2p.

    Creating a separate f2p server will split the playerbase and it won't happen because those who want such a server are the minority, and those who are willing to financially support it are an even smaller percentage of that minority.

  • Aeria cannot change stuff like that as everyone is already saying.

    And yes the old wolfteam was way better, everyone knows that. But it is simply impossible to get that back. And how does Aeria want to make money if there is nothing to pay for anymore? Like they have to keep the servers running and all and they need money for it.

  • I've played this game since the Beta until they started adding the first characters (Pedro and the other 3). It was a good time. No Pay to Win and I could show off my AK 47 pmc skills without all those spray n' pray guns.
    Yeah anyone would be dead in 4 shots from any Assault Rifle, 5 for submachine guns, and if you were really good you could solo carry with pure skills, no bs power ups, I could even beat the op sz-550 sprayers with my regular auz.

    I was the leader of "Elite Brasileira" and I remember those Ice hold battles when I had to fight against Pixma (yeah I know people thought he was a hacker but I could beat him, so I disagree). Good days when you could use your intelligence and aim to really earn your victory.
    I really miss that game.
    - Azaigahrou.

  • Decided to create a forum account and share my opinion of the game fwiw.

    On a short note, I agree with most of the points Rimelight said. Cosmetics would've really been much better than what is currently transpiring in the game ever since the armor was introduced. I think with the addition of the armours the game got blemished and felt like you needed to be equal to those using the equipments to stay on their level. Obviously this wasn't the case for as long as 2013(for me, at least.) Maybe 2014 but I don't know anything about what was then.

    Personally I felt like despite the fact that the armour was introduced in what, 2010 or 2011, I felt with one's skill you could still be equal/better than the one who has purchased these OP items. It eventually did get harder to just rely on skills as the gameplay, for a lack of better word, devolved into this spray-fiesta. My style turned into methodical camping in good spots to pick off players in game which may for some be a boring strategy but for me it worked. It probably worked for most people as well who've done the same. It most likely was an efficient strategy to use if you were confident in your skills and didn't have OP items to match. AUZ was then the dominant gold weapon you could use(at least for some). I don't think or assume that anyone even uses this strategy anymore because of the way the game has eventually evolved.

    What I feel would've worked wonders as well would've been to have the gold weapons be available to be purchased permanently with the in-game gold currency. I see no reason to have a service or whatever to just get them through website permanently if you bought X amount of AP. And the AP weapons should've stayed within their day(s) system, not hand out as a permanent equipment. They are after all, premium weapons which did have more kick in them. Buying gold weapons with the gold entices to save your gold to get them permanently while if you want stronger weapons you could spend some money in them. I would've been happy with this if this ever happened. You may disagree with this which I understand well enough. Who wouldn't want permanent premium weapons?

    Saying the game is dead for some just means that "oh, there are still people paying so wolfteam will never die". I shared this view for some time as well but eventually accepted the fact that the game doesn't have to die, but the community will vanish. Aren't there much less rooms now in the game you guys play? Where are the 10+ pages of different game rooms? Of course the game will go on but the community itself is dry and most of the "community" is in game, not bothering to come to the forums to have discussions about the game. They're probably satisfied with the way the game is. Maybe they're not. A lot of people loved the game for what it was back then. Using wolves was unique in that you could use it to move around faster and save your skin from a bad situation. Now wolves have become the equivalent of a lawn mower where you just get ran down and get slaughtered.