Stop hack !

  • First that nothing, they forgive if I do not have the best Englishman, I am of latinoamerica and my Englishman is not very good. I play here in WolfTeam, for many years, do not have an extremely high range and the reason is simple, in 7 of 10 items there are persons who abuse the use of hack. For this motive always I play a small time and then I go away, and providing that return is the same history and really he bores, the years happen and the system antihack is still equal.

    Not as this it might stop, I am sure that the players' quantity that they recharge cash here is too much, since we are honest this is to pay to win, and then with so much money, since it is possible that they do not improve the system antihack? A small serious idea an event, to record the user that this using hack, to raise the video here to the forum and if the tests indicate and apart the managers of the game check the account, and it is confirmed that this with hack, it should be baneado and the user that I bring it takes a reward to himself. Since the players are hundred that we see others with hack and look for another side and do not bring, for the simple fact that even they follow here after a report

    Another serious suggestion that they give daily gratis, " Votes kik for 10 or 15 ", since above it is necessary to pay to be able to give kik someone with hack and this one returns and returns. I understand that not always they are used " vote kik " for players with hack, but nonetheless, it is necessary that at least they could offer to us these " vote kik " to try to have a game mas calmly

    Forgive that my Englishman is not very good

  • Unfortunately, kik ,, nothing will help. I encounter hackers in many games. Yes, I want to use "kik ,, but I have moments of doubt.Why? I met many times when the whole room was closed and all players threw him out of the game. I often leave this hacker in the game ... There should be a better firewall before these players. This should be a priority

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    1. there are so many hackers ... However, it is not the hackers themselves who are the most nervous about me. Too often after a good game, and when the shots in the head fall well and the ratio of killer to deaths is, for example, 15/3 in the deatch match mode. He is often expelled from the game and accused of hacking. If this continues, I will finish playing as soon as I started. It really is very annoying with a few dozen frags you are not rightly thrown out of the game, it's probably worse than hackers and more annoying, is not it? Tomorrow I'll make a video of the game and shout here on the forum. But what about how most people sit on the forum Those who do not judge because they lose in the game. Well.
    2. Have a nice day.