Just for fun, what is your ideal FLB?

  • Just for fun, what would you like in a free loot box scenario

    I am a free player and will always be a free player

    Just noting that the current FLB for me IMO, I am not too fond of it in certain ways.

    Just wanted to know what people would like in their dream FLB...

    Currently we have:

    2K gold, 5K gold, 10k gold, 500 WC, 1K WC, Star tattoo set, Taurus GL set tattoo, ELWRCi M6A2 (standard model), Chris and Pedro SE, Zaitsev, GP plus, gold plus, dragon axe, big kid, lucky box, weapon jackpot box, respawn time zero, cobra tattoo set.

    Mine would be...

    Ditch the 2K gold, add maybe 15K gold(so that would be enough to buy a gold purchasable character and armor for 1 day. Ditch the 500 WC and add 1.5K WC coupon, ditch the respawn time zero and maybe make it a extend invulnerability item. The rest I can deal with...

    let me know your thoughts...

    thank you...:)

  • Respawn time zero must remain, currently that's the only good item in there.

    Star, taurus tattoo - throw away, bring back the old Cobra SP set at least (not usable by cashers/old people, but would give somewhat better for newcomers).

    SE chars -> 3day, maybe a reboot for a rare chance.

    ALL coupons x10. 2k gold -> 20k, 5k->50k, 10k->100k, 1k wc -> 10k wc.

    lucky box? -> 5x or 10x them, all know they will just throw the prize away for 100 gold anyway

    these are minimal things that they should do

  • Hey Srsox,

    Fun topic:). In my opinion my ideal choise would be to get Elwirci for a week or so or maybe HKE as well as Zaitsev.

    Wouldn't that bothered about gold as you said.

    For characters- maybe a SE char by any chance or reboot.

    That what I think^^