Thoughts on new Gold VIP lounge

  • What do you guys think of new gold lounge?

    Personally I like it to some extent, like getting the orange character card boxes, but also, the prices are a bit steeper than before

    *Maybe they can reduce cooldown time on Free Loot Box to compensate?*

    Or they can change the rewards in Free Loot Box...

    Let me know what you think...

  • Engaging in 90% of items choice, I'd not tell you I don't like the items, but you're correct, prices are somewhat over the range, and even if you got those huge amounts of gold, there're few options other than the golden forge that you can spend your gold on.

    But, there're some solutions that are propsed:

    Gold shop, should get updated sooner or later, but i'm not really into its update atmosphere, and I won't like to intrude someone else's jobs/tasks.

    Also, there'd be a fixed amount of nearly 500k gold (as a whole) that you can obtain via playtime/killcount events.

    Should be starting up soon (probably next week).

    Moreover, some prices maybe altered later on when the lounge gets reseted again. /fingers-crossed/

    Also, to specify, I heard compliants about the price of the WC box getting higher, relating on that: it is part of the price alteration plan that has been discussed, and promised by. Lastly, regarding the disappearance of permanent items, i'm not certainly sure that everyone liked to get useless guns for the sake of just filling the inventory of permanent items. Implementing permanent items could be a possibility that might be asked from the upper management, but again I can't see getting a "good" permanent item for gold happening any near.

  • I like the idea of implementing more gold into weekly events. And since not everyone is able to complete them each and every week, I agree with RRW9 that 2k, 5k and 10k gold available to get from Free Loot Boxes are not enough... I suggest changing that as well :S