Why not...

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    1. Yes. (6) 40%
    2. I like the idea but i will not participate. (3) 20%
    3. No. (3) 20%
    4. Yes but i might have no time. (3) 20%

    Why not make a Video Contest where everyone is invited to do a video/montage/whatever he wants about Wolfteam?

    It doesn't need to be fancy or anything special, a simple video is more then welcomed :D

    The only rule i suggest is: "The clips need to be done by the person in charge of the video." This means you will have to cut clips add music and whatever you want to do by yourself.

    I will be judging the videos.

    THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO HAVE FUN DOING IT! You don't need to force yourself for a 2+ minute long video!

    As i said earlier it can be a funny moments or a simple showcase of a weapon. Its up to you!

    The winner will win a Smoke Bomb for 30 Days.

  • I already wanted, (and planned) a video contest of trailer creation, and permanent rewards is an option, but waiting for a suitable time, or maybe until forum activity is better than the current level.

    But if you mention it being simple, and friendly without rewards, that's also more than great.