Cannot Launch Game

  • Hello,

    I haven't played WolfTeam since the early days and I decided I'd try to play it again.. just finished installing it, went to launch.. and it brings up the game launcher. I enter my login details, click launch, then it just closes the launcher and nothing again. Yes, I've tried disabling my AntiVirus, etc, etc.. any known issues or ways to fix this?

  • Hello there!

    Here is the fix you are waiting for and there also is a little GIF where you are able to see how to do it.

    *** Wolfteam isn't loading Fix ***
    1. Go to your Wolfteam folder, by default:
    2. Delete the xigncode folder with anything inside
    3. Download this:
    4. Run the program, select the wolfteam folder

    You'll now have a working wolfteam install, so run the game as you normally would and enjoy!