something i thought about typing about

  • well everyone in aeria/wolfteam forums knows who I am (RRW9) in game.

    I've played this game since its launch and up to the point of the ELWRCi M6A2 eras.

    I continue to play this game but I used to like the olden days before UZAS and AAA-12 released

    Now, that there are many new guns, many of which has a lot of reskinned variants, I would like to just post what I saw in between different reskins of certain guns (using the ELWRCi M6A2) as the test gun

    ELWRCi M6A2 GL= (these type of guns have slightly increased fire rate)

    ELWRCi M6A2 SL= (these type of guns have slightly more wolf damage)

    ELWRCi M6A2 MC= (these types of guns have slightly more head damage and penetration)

    ELWRCi M6A2 PX= (these types of guns have slightly better on the move)

    ELWRCi M6A2 AT= (don't remember off the bat but I think AT versions have more of penetration and on the move)

    thanks for reading... if at all :)