• It's a shame for the PL players! :/

    Well, imagine that for a couple of years the game was supporting your language and out of the blue the company decided to merge all four servers. After the merge the distinction between English, French and German remained as it was before. But the clients are available in only three languages, most of the focus is of course on those three languages, new Game Sages are divided into three categories only. What about Poland? Polish client is not supported anymore. Even discord doesn't give any space for Polish players to speak their mind. There are just three text&voice channels for respectively En/Fr/De. This enormous crowd of people that is said to be representing Polish community is actually made of 2 people who seem to have won the GS and SGS tag on some sort of lottery (let's be honest, I've never seen Hiodung doing anything good for the community - plus, he's often disrespectful - and same goes with Zabój, apart from those few events per year - some of them are even uploaded on YouTube - to show everyone that he's a good and devoted SGS, but in fact he does nothing). They don't care that Poland is actually treated very poorly from a few years. I know, we have English language. And I'm really thankful for that, I do appreciate it a lot since it's my main language. However, I've got friends from Poland and they know quite a lot of other Polish people who are middle-aged now and they don't speak English but they used to play this game before it merged into one, EU server. Basically speaking they don't speak English well enough to be able to play a game written in a foreign language.

    I kind of think that Polish community is treated like cockrouches in here. They can survive anything so why do we need to care about them? A little bit of translation just to update and bring back the old Polish client and also some nicely working, caring Polish staff would do the job. Many of you didn't know but Polish community used to be quite big in the past, it was definitely bigger than what we see now on a daily basis.


  • That can't be from google translate cuz no mistakes :)Usually ppl can say only finnish bad words for some reason. Well only polish word i know is "kúrwa" so.... Ich bin schéisse wolfteam spieler och luktar en skit Johnny. Can't really say anything positive with different languages xD

    Believe it or not i really did translate it with google and yes people do learn swear words way faster then the normal, standard ones :)

  • From what language did you translate that ? When i want to make some sentence, maybe in espanol. I translate it from english because from finnish translate it doesn't make any sense. In the future it will be so cool when google translate will actually work perfectly and you can chat with everyone from different countries :thumbup:

    I translated it from English :) https://puu.sh/zUOiX/061b4c28ba.png

  • I see PL players almost in every game cuz they always write that kúrwa stuff. I don't even remember how it feels like to talk own language in game for other players since i'm the last finnish guy left in wt :(

    Honestly, I've never thought I'd see you playing again. Didn't you say you quitted for good? You were juhapipetsu back in the days, the guy who always complained about this game, discouraging others from playing whenever they asked for a subjective opinion. Good to see haters coming back to the game.

    I came in peace ✌🏼

    What I mean is good to see you, hope you'll find something positive about WT this time, no matter how much more you liked it in the past (most of us did like it more in the past... but time flies). :S

    And I share your concern about being the minority. I can imagine how bad it sucks:thumbdown:

    Nähdään & hyvää päivänjatkoa!

  • I definitely agree with you about giving constructive feedback to the Staff. It's even better if these aren't only some useless, biting remarks.

    Well, I'm just an average player so there's absolutely no need to bother yourself with my gender, nationality and amount of AP that I've spent on the game ✌🏼

  • Good old Shiiri, isn't it time for your nap? ;P

    I know that I personally value feedback, which I know that the management team also love. I think we all know that this game isn't in the best state and it isn't going to be an easy fix, although if you can think of anything that could be done, still keeping in mind that it is a business, then please shout!

    I'm pushing the whole Gold vs AP side of things and making sure there are more chances for non-spender to get gold, but I'm you can all respect that any change that requires the dev's, is basically just like talking to a wall.