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    Yeah but i'm pretty sure it wont be before this game get closed cuz of lack of players. What i remember from rookie channel was all of these 3 x arrival dm rooms with atleast 2 hackers in one game ;D 2011 was like the rise of the hackers because all these crazy WLP programs came. 2007 flying guardians and 2008 blackcharmsv2 wave was like warm milk compared to that

    I mean, they did such a perfect job on anti-cheat, but to late. You wont get so many hackers. I played this game now since 2 weeks and no hacker. In 2017 there were full of hacker. Now you wont get so many hackers. Maybe 1 per week ^^ wolfteam is on a good way, but to late

    Beginner-friendly game XD Wt is like some badàss ghetto and these cashers are like gangsters who are not very nice to new faces

    I mean, it need to be a beginner-friendly game. And if it does not, we will not getting new players. When i played this game, you could easily join in a channel, with only recruits. Today you wont find many of them. In year 2011, when i played this game the first time, you did only see in a free for all server william krolls and may 1 SE.

    First, it definitely has to stop with the whole P2W. That is, you should also be able to play things like Wolf-Dash or something.

    We definitely need more players, so make advertising and be accordingly beginner friendly. That's a big problem WolfTeam has. A William Kroll is killed directly by an AP weapon oneshot.

    The game should also be updated a bit, I'm talking about the graphics.

    What are really the two most important points for me is the advertising and a beginner-friendly game.