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    They could have balanced it way better back then, I personally think it all got ruined when the person in charge of the sales was new and he had no clue what he was putting up for the very first perm items.

    Must have been an impressive time for him, like on short term it seemed like a great profit. Afterall it worked the other way around.

    It was a matter of time when wolf modes became unplayable and even human matches became so unfair that new players never stood a chance. The game has made it till this year because of some big spenders out there. Always the same players have kept up the game buying insane amounts of AP. I can't name a single person that joined after 2015 that still plays.

    I noticed that immediately once I joined a match.

    H vs W was my favorite mode too, which is pretty disappointing because its very difficult to play as a Wolf now.

    It hope they consider releasing classic WolfTeam.

    Hahah yea it took forever to rank up. When my first account was goldbar i think i had about 1600-1800 games played. Now ppl can reach same rank literally in 1 day. What was your name in softnyx ? I've actually found some old softnyx friends from aeria. Even 2 x former pride leaders :thumbup: Sadly all of them gave up on this game again and left just like me

    I kept the same IGN which is Starbandit

    I was friends with from whom I can remember Ian2010, CyberWarri0R. I was also a member of Panic for a short period of time after Iamdarkangel left.

    Solution is simple :

    1) Remove all micro transactions that grant higher stats.

    Every player; new or old must remain on the same playing field. There must be no Pay 2 Win.

    This is why I left, and many other users left to begin with,

    2) Permanently ban any and all hackers

    I work as a Moderator for an MMO game, and we have zero tolerance policy for hackers. Once caught they're forever banned from using our game. This is done by both IP ban, and hardware ban.

    Its not even fun anymore, there's literally no challenge to the game anymore...

    No wonder why WolfTeam is having a hard time picking up new users, and keeping them. Its because the game is super out of touch and there is no player balance.

    Nobody starts on an equal playing field, its you buy cash, or you die constantly.

    I want to love this game again, but its just so hard too.

    (Again, I hate to keep trashing on a game that I have very fond memories of, but I'm just super frustrated with how such a great game became this.)

    - From a former Top Captain

    (Back when you had to grind for Exp)

    I started playing WolfTeam back in 2008, and I stopped playing in 2010.

    The reason why I stopped playing was because of the "Cash Shop" update, which made it so you can buy extras to increase your stats, and give yourself an unfair advanced over players whom don't "Pay To Win".

    - Today January 18th, 2019 I played my first game in nine (9) years, and the state of this game is worse then I thought. Much more serious then in 2010 when I stopped playing.

    There's like only 20 games you can join, and apparently now you can kill a Guardian Wolf in two (2) hits? While I was playing a game I shot a guy seven (7) times, and he didn't die, then he shot me twice, and I died instantly, because their character was stated out with the best items from the Cash Shop as well as armor (That's a thing now?). Then in another game I was playing as a PowerWolf, and somebody shot me ONCE in the back, and I died... So guns do 250 damage now? (He wasn't hacking either)

    This was a great game back in the day, but I mean it will come to a swift end if the Developers or whomever is in charge doesn't comes up with a solution. I personally feel that they should go in the route of RuneScape, and create WolfTeam 2007-2008.

    Whenever the game did not have a Cash Shop which increased stats, and aim assist. I mean if you're going to have a Cash Shop at lest make it purely a cosmetic thing.

    I unfortunately uninstalled the game today, because it's in such rough condition.