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    Hallo hallo.Does anyone work on the theme of the wm store? I see that the topic has died down and we still have nothing new. There are also missing rankings. Do you live in command and do something for us?

    Normally, it should change soon, they look with the GS's

    Regarding obtaining Kick Votes for free, it already exists the [SGS] X has already created a topic in this forum where you have to send the videos where you Kick a Hacker, everything is explained there.

    Is there a way to make it exactly like Softnyx Ranking System and not Joygame's one? With it its easy to bust GP Farmers and get them banned :)

    Yes, or do as the Korean Server remove the PVE mode that is not used much.

    The system will not change, then there will sometimes be the 100% gold bonus that will be activated sometimes IG, but I do not think they will change anything.

    It would be cool to receive GOLD coupons at the connection.

    Part 3 :

    I agree for everything except the shotguns, already it's boring when a full AP plays with, so it would be worse, because a no AP who bought it will necessarily use it because otherwise it would not be profitable for him to use that when there is someone in front who also plays with (we see it with the event).

    Everything should be changed except the HKE + Zatiev and avatars protections.

    Add :
    - Basic Elwrci
    - Em TTC-F
    - Avatars (No matter which 250hp with not too high price)

    No other ideas for the moment!

    You are not the best person to talk about skill because when you lose you play live UTX or Legend. (Versus players with normal Weapons)

    Nevertheless, I am more or less in agreement with what is said.

    If with skill you mean abuse bugs that give you a huge advantage then no, playing only wolf does not require skill at all. Everybody with Wolf Ability and a good Set of Tattoos can kill with it.

    Playing only Humans does not mean the player himself is bad at wolfing. CWs are playing with Humans ONLY so its pointless to wolf. The only ones that really play with wolfs only want to get easy kills for their KDR.

    Humans > Wolfs anytime. Its been like this since the beginning and it will stay that way till the end.

    I agree with you :)

    All these years people wondered the same, and honestly it has already survived longer then most expected.

    I believe all the recent work being put in WT, such as the new forum is a good sign that it isn't about to die (yet) :D

    In the forum apart from the number of registered not much, no big world will be present except always the same, it would be nice to return at least atractive to bring the players here, otherwise it was not much to change!

    Being strong in human is not the same as playing wolf.Most players who play human are because they have the same vision of the wolf mode.
    Wolf you need some skills but it's pretty easy, I think (before I played a lot of wolf but I found it uninteresting and especially it shows the no skill , years ago).

    After that I said it was only my opinion!

    Few wars with wolves