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    I prefer infection scratch over anything else on robot chars,cause they got additional backreap damage.
    Never underrestimate backreap damage,it can be huge.

    If u dont own Wolfdash go for Robot at any time. (The Wolfdash attack on robot is pretty bugged,if u are iced from an S.E Wolf it can happen that u fly away 30 Meter and its almost impossible to hit someone with that.)

    The Blue robot is GREAT for S2 because u can just howl and shoot all the humans with ur bomb. They will need to move or they are dead after 4-5 Bombs.

    The Red one is great to cover the bomb in last 20 Seconds when the bomb is planted. Just stay in front of the bomb with tanky tattoos and they cant do anything. Especially if u got 1-2 friends that do the same.

    Agreed! There seems to be a huge gab that could do with filling. Saying that, how many players do you know that have reached top colonel that haven't got a considerable number of permanent items?

    To be honest only me. I am Top Special Warfare Colonel, soon Brigadier General and i just use the Ghost, SZ-550 Wolf and the Longclaw so far. The other Weapons are close to trash so i would like something like XEM 8 WT AT for my hard work getting 30 Million of GP :D