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    Pretty useless when you can use CashU as payment method in the International tab.
    Tunisia is MENA country, therefore you have it too.

    even cushu we dont have it too . we can do account but we cant actived or recharge it with money same paypal . we can do account but there is no way to recharge that account . some countries only way to buy is with phone . i already talked about that with LoknaiL,selina,sgs x . i send alot of tickets ( frensh / germany and english version )

    The best idea is to add the purchase with a phone in all countries of the world. most players are between 8 and 18 years old and 20% more than 18. they cant have credit card or payplay or anything that allows them to buy ap. but everyone has a phone, younger or older can buy with the phone. and add all countries can buy with the phone. 40% or 50% of players are now Arabs . most of the Arab counties do not have paypal and international credit cards and I am one of them I buy once a year when I go 1 week in France every summer. It is unfair . all my Tunisian friends,more than 30 players, they stop wolfteam for the same reason that they cant buy ap! and we tried to send a lot of tickets but nothing changes. I have friends from Morocco and Algeria have the same problems. The best way is to add a phone number to all countries in "Payment Options", as if all players could buy older or youngers no one will stop wolfteam . I stopped wt for the same reason and I have back playing when i have buy ap when i have go to france . (sorry if my english so bad )