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    We need special boxes that can only be bought from WC shop
    We need special WC weapons like Ultimate or the such but only for WC shop
    We need more diverse pistol options for WC only
    We need strong Wc weapons

    It has to be a problem with ur OS. I suggest you first redownload latest version of DirectX as mentioned by Big and if that didn't work try a newer version of windows or an older one :D


    Join ArmyofHonor we welcome everyone
    It doesn't matter if you are a good or still learning player
    It doesn't matter if you buy Aps or not
    It doesn't matter if you prefer Wolf or human

    You will be welcomed :) giphy.gif

    So cool seeing you guys, it is almost as if we all have similar stories regarding wolfteam xD
    Although it might have some drawbacks but it is still an amazingly entertaining game you can't simply quit because of the amount of friends you create in the game and the amazing people (like yourselves) who play this game

    Hopefully, one day, the game will return to it's 2011 Glory :D

    Hi people,

    My inGame name is Fucq and i have been playing Wolfteam for many years i think i started on 2010 can't remember but i have been using many accounts since then as i quit and came back several times hehe
    I have been using my current account since 2014, many of you might know me and some might not but it always feel great to get to know new people

    Anyways,, i thought i would create this thread so people can introduce themselves and tell us who they are and how long have they been playing :))8)

    Waiting,,, :)

    Hi people, ArmyOfHonor clan which is newly recruit is currently opening it's doors for new recruits who wish to join us for an epic
    journey full of FUN, FUN and FUN with myself, Blood and many other cool people to play together on Wolfteam, talk and laugh on Ts3

    Join ArmyOfHonor :love::love::love:<3<3

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