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    Okay, so as I said, I also have certain ideas that could help the game grow in popularity.:/

    . It might be not so important but it is definitely something that should be on the to-do list and that is, surprisingly, good promotion of the game. Namely, a new and better trailer since the last one was uploaded 8 years ago. A good idea would be to make a controlled event out of it. You can ask players to prepare those trailers by themselves, using certain keywords or phrases that have to appear in the trailer. Or you can ask players to send you their short clips and add some of them to the trailer (with /uioff of course). The website should be a little bit more updated as well, section with characters explained, maps and weapons shown etc. It would be nice if the game was promoted by some YouTubers/Twitch streamers too, not necessarily very big ones.

    . Getting a few partners would be cool, they could upload videos of new items etc., showing the game as something fun to play. The game has got a few modes which are quite unusual (at least for me), f.e. ice hold, wolfhunt why not make it as a huge advantage? They can be really fun. Personally, I have never seen a game in which you can revive teammates once they die.

    . Something else, analogically, would be to organise more events – ones that could make the game more balanced. And I mean.. real events... rewards such as Lucky Boxes or Weapon Boxes are dreadful and I hope you all agree with me.

    . Both shops should be changed and I saw that you figured it out by now. Items adjusted, prices adjusted (unless you want to make it easier to get gold/wc).

    . I have read that our staff work closely with the developers so let me mention a few things that are pretty annoying and cannot be fixed by publishers (well, I guess):

    • gifts: once you exchange an item that is on the Xth page, you are forced to go back to the first page,
    • shop & clan: loading screen of the shop and clan search - both take “ages” to load,
    • bugged invitations: players are unable to invite others unless they delete the message "Your assistance is requested",
    • in-game chat: players cannot delete their messages that they wrote in the in-game chat by just clicking ESC. Don't know about others but when testing, sometimes I found it very irritating because it blocks you for a few seconds until you delete everything manually,
    • mixed languages in the English client: I am using the English client of the game and whenever I point something in the game with my mouse I get a description written in French,
    • in-game sound: can also be irritating so allowing people to change the volume of commands or groaning of dead characters (separately) would be perfect for players who take sound seriously.

    About things in posts written above:

    . I agree that changing rank up rewards would be a good thing and I don't say that those things must be super good, however, at some point people ought to be rewarded with 250hp characters. As I was following the discussion on discord and here as well, I have noticed that many people point out that basic characters are just simply not enough to make players enjoy shooting... and dying... Well, among veterans those characters are still fun so removing them is definitely not an option but how about changing the rewards in the tutorial? What if a new account, after completing the tutorial was rewarded with two 250 characters for 14 days (up to 30days)? I guess that would make more sense these days. Those players would have something to start with and later on, getting a 250hp character permanently as a rank reward would motivate them to play more.

    . What is more, I like the idea of challenges that are in game (collect certain amount of headshots, sneak attacks etc - btw there is a typo in game... it should not be “snake attack”). Too bad that completing these gives you some poor emblems that are only noticeable for the person who got killed by you (and only for a few seconds - if they do not have instant ressurection during a deathmatch). I would bring those emblems back to the profiles. And I would make new challenges that are fun, f.e. get a certain amount of kills with PI8S.... headshots with C-95 or kar-95...or sneak attacks with Dragon Axe Pro. These could be weekly challenges that f.e. gives you 5 WC boxes or gold boxes.

    . As I mentioned Wolf Coins... It would be nice for the players to be able to send gifts that cost WC and not only gold. It should be implemented in the game long time ago.

    . And sorry for referring to the website again making my post even more chaotic but daily rewards for logging in should be adjusted to the game’s standards and also listed somewhere on the website, same as for weekly events.

    . Last but one is security. All Aeria Games’ profiles should be better protected (some people spend quite a lot of money to be able to play) so things like optional phone number in case of having problems with logging in should be added.

    . The last but not least thing would be to change Free Loot Boxes (but first, bringing the free rewards page back to live). It would give players a chance to get something good for a short period of time and maybe encourage them to buy those things in the future if they like it. Of course those would be average things, not too op, something that would allow them to enjoy the game more and come back to the website on a daily basis...Maybe once in 12 hours? I actually prepared a list of 15 things that could be added to this section if anyone is interested. I can also help preparing the new shop and share my ideas of items and prices.

    . I did not mention AAH kicking, out of memory errors and hacking software, I guess it is obvious that no matter how good items people get, they will still be discouraged by these three. Like I have said on discord, AAH is very disturbing. It has been here since years and there’s no other way to fight it but to remove it completely and among all the other problems this one should be #1 problem for Softnyx to fix.

    . I know it is a lot and not everything is possible but since there is some sort of communication with the developers, it would be nice if they could get to know those ideas. I am always open to talk more about other ideas (yes, that is still not everything) so if I could be of any help, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Cheers! :thumbup:

    I definitely agree with you about giving constructive feedback to the Staff. It's even better if these aren't only some useless, biting remarks.

    Well, I'm just an average player so there's absolutely no need to bother yourself with my gender, nationality and amount of AP that I've spent on the game ✌🏼

    I like the idea of implementing more gold into weekly events. And since not everyone is able to complete them each and every week, I agree with RRW9 that 2k, 5k and 10k gold available to get from Free Loot Boxes are not enough... I suggest changing that as well :S

    I'm sorry that some of your AP are still missing. Hope you'll get them back asap.

    And I'm glad to see that using Gmail works for you :S

    Have a lovely day!

    I see PL players almost in every game cuz they always write that kúrwa stuff. I don't even remember how it feels like to talk own language in game for other players since i'm the last finnish guy left in wt :(

    Honestly, I've never thought I'd see you playing again. Didn't you say you quitted for good? You were juhapipetsu back in the days, the guy who always complained about this game, discouraging others from playing whenever they asked for a subjective opinion. Good to see haters coming back to the game.

    I came in peace ✌🏼

    What I mean is good to see you, hope you'll find something positive about WT this time, no matter how much more you liked it in the past (most of us did like it more in the past... but time flies). :S

    And I share your concern about being the minority. I can imagine how bad it sucks:thumbdown:

    Nähdään & hyvää päivänjatkoa!

    If I wanted to be mean (but I don't), I'd say that what was really useless were your English classes *whoops, I said that, no offence please* :saint:.

    I'm afraid that your message about what YouTube channels can be monetized is irrelevant here.

    Once again: Wolf Team needs some advertising campaign and YouTube might be just one out of many options to let the world know that such game even exists.


    What's the point of making such threads? Instead of sitting here and asking unnecessary questions we should get to work. Community is a big deal. Feedback is important. If you have no interest of making the game better, don't make it worse.

    I agree that self-promotion is now needed. We don't have many players left, the game needs fresh blood to become alive again. I'd personally aim at YouTube ads, since they're most effective and/or using some help from bigger youtubers that can advertise the product by playing one or two games on their channels. But before that, those small irritating issues such as problems with purchasing ap or sending in-game invitations should be the priority.

    It actually should be in their own interest to fix this issue as fast as possible if they wanna earn more money.

    Changing e-mail address into f.e. Gmail one should help. Let me know if that fixed the problem with unresolved tickets cause a lot of people seem to have the same problem. Don't forget about your first e-mail though, there might be a situation where they will ask you to provide your first e-mail. It's usually just to prove that you are the owner of the account. The more you remember about your account, the better. ;)

    To powinno być w ich interesie, żeby naprawić tę sprawę jak najszybciej jeśli chcą zarobić.

    Zmiana adresu e-mail np na Gmail powinna pomóc. Daj znać czy to naprawi problem, ponieważ mnóstwo ludzi też ma ten problem. Nie zapomnij swojego pierwszego adresu e-mail, bo może się zdarzyć, że zostaniesz poproszony o jego podanie. Zazwyczaj jest to aby udowodnić, że jesteś posiadaczem konta. Im więcej wiesz o swoim koncie tym lepiej.

    The reason why you're not getting responses to your tickets from the support might be connected to the email you're using (at least that's what I've noticed). If it's or then this might be the case. I've always been using Gmail and I never had any problems with tickets. I don't know about other platforms such as yahoo f.e.

    I also have issues with SMS payment, I sent a ticket a while ago and what they said is that they are working on this issue and all AP will be delivered as soon as they fix the problem. I can let you know here once I get my AP back, then, if you don't get it you will have to send a ticket again. For now we just have to be patient as people said X/

    Problemem może być usługodawca poczty elektronicznej, jeśli używasz usługodawcy innego niż Gmail, to znaczy o2 lub wp itp (Gmail jest to usługodawca sprawdzony przeze mnie, zawsze działa).

    Też mam problem z kupnem AP. W odpowiedzi na ticket support powiedział, że wie o problemie i pracuje nad jego rozwiązaniem. Gdy to się uda, AP zostanie zwrócone. Mogę napisać tutaj gdy odzyskam swoje AP. Wtedy, jeśli Ty nie będziesz go mieć w dalszym ciągu, wyślesz im ticket. Póki co, musimy czekać

    It's a shame for the PL players! :/

    Well, imagine that for a couple of years the game was supporting your language and out of the blue the company decided to merge all four servers. After the merge the distinction between English, French and German remained as it was before. But the clients are available in only three languages, most of the focus is of course on those three languages, new Game Sages are divided into three categories only. What about Poland? Polish client is not supported anymore. Even discord doesn't give any space for Polish players to speak their mind. There are just three text&voice channels for respectively En/Fr/De. This enormous crowd of people that is said to be representing Polish community is actually made of 2 people who seem to have won the GS and SGS tag on some sort of lottery (let's be honest, I've never seen Hiodung doing anything good for the community - plus, he's often disrespectful - and same goes with Zabój, apart from those few events per year - some of them are even uploaded on YouTube - to show everyone that he's a good and devoted SGS, but in fact he does nothing). They don't care that Poland is actually treated very poorly from a few years. I know, we have English language. And I'm really thankful for that, I do appreciate it a lot since it's my main language. However, I've got friends from Poland and they know quite a lot of other Polish people who are middle-aged now and they don't speak English but they used to play this game before it merged into one, EU server. Basically speaking they don't speak English well enough to be able to play a game written in a foreign language.

    I kind of think that Polish community is treated like cockrouches in here. They can survive anything so why do we need to care about them? A little bit of translation just to update and bring back the old Polish client and also some nicely working, caring Polish staff would do the job. Many of you didn't know but Polish community used to be quite big in the past, it was definitely bigger than what we see now on a daily basis.