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    is it playable? Last time played 2013 lol

    Is it already 6 years from gomrok times ? what the.. Come play some softnyx dude. Pretty boring because skill lvl is very low there but usually 2 x channels with +500 rooms and free cash stuff every day. Even when you just make account, there's already op weapons and armored 300hp chars in giftbox and elw sl perm in inventory etc.. 8o Add iShiiri there

    I kept the same IGN which is Starbandit

    I was friends with from whom I can remember Ian2010, CyberWarri0R. I was also a member of Panic for a short period of time after Iamdarkangel left.

    Your name doesn't ring any bells but both of your friends sounds very familiar. I was in Panic too just when 95% of members quit almost same time. Imdarkangel just changed his name to MelodramatiC and played for a while and actually he is the other pride leader i was talking about. Over year ago i saw MelodramatiC in aeria lobby and talked to him and he was just like " yeah it's me, been a while...". I like ppl who use always the same unique IGN so it's possible to find old friends. I've been Shiiri since 2007 :thumbup:

    Hahah yea it took forever to rank up. When my first account was goldbar i think i had about 1600-1800 games played. Now ppl can reach same rank literally in 1 day. What was your name in softnyx ? I've actually found some old softnyx friends from aeria. Even 2 x former pride leaders :thumbup: Sadly all of them gave up on this game again and left just like me

    Btw you chose the worst mode. For noncasher human vs wolf is so... something. I remember when PI-90 even did some damage to wolfs and it was best option against wolfs because of ammo. My last expierience from human vs wolf was when i did full headsplash with emp 3 P shotgun from 1-2 m against 200 hp SE wolf and didn't even die and then instantly even went back to full hp with Medkit item after killing me with 2 basic hit even i was armored. It's just so sad, stupid and funny same time, like "what im doing here" :D

    It's the new generation of gamers. Everything is made easier to do with money and soon all games will be like that because ppl doesn't like fun and challange anymore. I've always laughed for this situation and i've even said " Thank god Miniclip 8 ball pool stays good 4ever" but naah. There's now op LeGenDary cues now with op stats and literally if you lose round 2 in tournament, pay some $$$ and voilá, you are in round 3 :DIn nowadays if i want to play something, i rather choose ps1 or some fun story game like Mafia, Call of juarez, etc.. Playing in internet with new generation is not fun, so there's no point for it.

    You mean like you hate your ppl in wolfteam or in life ? Now im so curious you need to share it in p.m, and no worries, im like alcatraz of secrets. They might try to escape but won't survive out alive. Well if i hear secret, i usually forget it in 1-10 days because i'm old hard ex-stoner so basically my braincells wich are responsible of my memory are like group of mexicans having siesta 24/7. They are there, but just won't work :)

    I call whoever I want "baby". Aaaand nope, I'm not Swedish ahah I don't know what Johnny and Anya told you, but they know exactly what I am. I'm too much of a private person to publicly write it down, soz :(

    Amy isn't even mean. I mean sure she plays like mean but for her we all are stupid littleboys without skills and she just likes to bully us in game because womens are natural evil. I meant that german gurl from merc. You can't share your nationality for about 2-4 ppl who doesn't even know any other details of you ? ^^ Well in the end it doesn't matter what you think you are. You think and play like a german. There's jägermeister running in your veins and there's WolfLitePro in your deskop with photo of BMW M5 as background image and with your zaitsev you spin and spin 360 like world is just running wheel for ya. You are what you are but for ppl in wt, you are 100% german, end of fúcking story. :)

    ahaha baby, for the love of god, don't mix me with Germans. I can assure you that I'm not German at all

    What are you then ? You just called other male person with word Baby so my next guess is swedish perhaps ? ^^ And i've heard from different sources you are german, from jahnny and that mean gurl from mercenary. They both can't lie :cursing:

    You should because I am swedish! I had this same picture as my siggy on the old forums and we were also friends there I think c:

    Now i remember, you are that baby. Crazy ivar aka jahnnydepp told me something about you years ago, but can't remember details. And im scared of that photo even the older one was even creepier with wink wink eyes, gives me cold spoons everytime =O

    What kind of dude puts random halfnaked mans to profilepic and use name like that. You want to kill autists or take a autist person and kill the autism out of him like some lunatic doctor ? So or so, i wouldn't give anything sharp to you irl :thumbup::)

    Why do you assume that I'm angry and sad ahah. Lovely kitty btw :)

    Because Winter is coming. In german language that means new antihack update so that must be tough for you ppl :(

    From the cases I've looked into, they seem to be character card related as that is stupid amounts of GP in one go. That being said, if that keeps happening each month, something fishy is going on...

    So what do you think about these 2 top ranks in monthly ranking ? Other one is changing name everyday and other one hides behind symbols. Or could it be coincidence that both of them get that much exp in week and they both seems to get same amount of exp everyday ^^ For me it looks like they are doing pve gpbug together but the other one also played some real games so he is always ~100k exp above. In the other hand, i don't know what supercards or gp items aeria has released in a year:/

    You should because I am swedish! I had this same picture as my siggy on the old forums and we were also friends there I think c:

    Thanks for the reply! Sure hope this new anti-cheat will be effective because we know how hard it is to get rid of hackers in this damned game >.< Problem for me is that I call out the little kids on their cheats and they get mad and kick me with that aah message..

    Its so frustrating how stupid they are because they clearly dont see how obvious it is with the wolfkills from inventory hack..

    That's nothing, have you ever had wlp stalker ? Most of these hackers play veery badly so with legal preshooting you can kill them easily and you know how 12 years old hardtry hacker feels after that.. They might stalk your games for MONTHS 24/7 and make you suicide in game, and then AAH. They are usually very young and stupid so in game you should just talk nice things to them and just be kind and troll a bit. After i started doing that that, my AAH kicks decreased -90% :D

    Haha, been 3 days and ppl are already at 6 milj exp. I think that's more fishy than fishy himself

    Is there some new gp+ items perhaps ? Ppl doing almost 9 million exp in month even without being in monthly top 100 win/lose :/I remember when i was very sick back in schoolyears and i had nothing else to do than play wt and i became rank 1 in that month with maybe 2-3 milj exp and about 800 games played so.. Played about 12hours/ day with almost all gp+ items so hard to imagine someone doing 3x that even without getting in monthly win/lose list where rank 100. has only 200 games played 8)

    I'm a weenie. I'm probably the longest playing member who has the lowest rank in the history of wolfteam considering I've been on the IcyCaress account for 6 years and it's only two silver bars. (That's playing consistently by the way, I played a LOT in that time.)

    Oh, and I'm a GS. That happened.

    Weenie and weeny. I've used word weenie for years when i actually meant weeny. All these little nubs was bit confused and finally i know why : /

    0 gmt

    morning 4-5 rooms

    evening 10-15 room

    more rooms result in more hackers

    If they aren't flying guardians with million hp, it's just fun. Just imagine how boring this game could be if there would be just few proz and tons of bobs ^^But the worst timezone is when WUPURASS players are online, always max 5 rooms and few of these hackers who rejoins after every kick. Best timezone is when X isn't too wasted to make FG's and rest of time it's simply just boring bs

    So cool seeing you guys, it is almost as if we all have similar stories regarding wolfteam xD
    Although it might have some drawbacks but it is still an amazingly entertaining game you can't simply quit because of the amount of friends you create in the game and the amazing people (like yourselves) who play this game

    Hopefully, one day, the game will return to it's 2011 Glory :D

    Glory of armors, etsr and AAA. good ol times, never forget ;(<3

    He means "catch you in Gym. Nothing is better than doing biceps and using wallhack in wt. Seems like you are not old enough to speak from your heart. Spare that shíttalking from your gf's when they ask about size of your dik.. Remember to p.m me for accounts if u are in trouble bro, i always have some nice stuff avaible :)

    If you use some 1hs-kill weapon, them simply aim for head directly, With bit weaker weapons like elw, aim to space between chest and neck and let the recoil do the headshot after 1-2 bodyshots. Also because i have very poor gaming section on my bed without mousepad so i can't follow ppl's heads so well when they are moving a lot so i use basic sniping tactic, Don't follow enemy head with your scope, put the scope the the point where enemy head will be and do basic tap or burst shots. Idk is it worth if you play normally, but try it. Also change mouse sensitivy after every game and find out which is best for you

    Yes old wt back please so i can do teambash with umf please. Won't happen but in the end this game is now 10x better atm compared to 2011-2015 times. Focus on little things and this game might be better again. Keep doing wise suggestions here and wait for good, they are listening now. I might return on some day but who'll see. I hope this game won't be unavaible when i might to download it again in the future, Bye! -Drunken master as Shiiri

    Yeah but i tried to redeem that package in 2013 for first time with my current account, never worked but then when i lost this account's pw for almost year, i made new acc and got welcome package in 24 hours after spending without any problems.I could give all my perm guns for perm ef2k LM :(

    Been waiting my welcome package for years. Well i don't want it anymore cuz they took ef2k limited off and added some crappy weps in, but still.. I think i even sent ticket 1-2 years ago :(