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    [GUIDE] Wolfteam isn’t downloading or Patching?!


    I’m getting this question three or four times a day on Discord, so I thought it would be worth creating a thread about this, allowing for all the information I’ve shared on multiple different threads/tickets to be in one place.

    Part 1 – Issues downloading the game

    Since all our computers are likely different, with all sorts of bits of software on them, there is any number of different factors that could be to blame for this. But below I’ll try to highlight the most common I’ve come across.

    Official links

    Below you’ll find the official Aeria Games download links for Wolfteam, for each of the three languages it supports. It is always recommended to use the official download links, over any third-party links, to minimize the risk of downloading something you shouldn’t, or that could put you at potential risk.

    Official EN Download Official DE Download Official FR Download

    These links will download a set of data to your computer, which will then allow for the game to be installed, then patched.

    Please noteThe above solution is the recommended option and what is fully supported by Aeria Games. If for whatever reason they are not working, please feel free to keep following down this guide, but note that this is my own advice and in no way supported/endorsed by Aeria Games.

    Offline data links

    As the official links above seem to have a lot of issues for a large number of users, I’m hosting the downloaded data and an installer for it so that you can skip the step, removing some of the variables that might be at fault of the above not working.

    Offline Downloaders

    To use these, please do the following:

    1. Open the link above in a web browser of your choice
    2. Select one of the three languages to download, for example, EN for the English version
    3. Once the download completes, open the download, extract the folder inside, then run the application setup file.
    4. Run through the installer, selecting the options you wish, which will then install the game.

    Whole WT Folder downloads

    For those that are having issues with all the above, or wish to download the game in this format, I have also started to host whole WT folders for each language, with patches applied to the data that is stated. This might be a good option if there is a known issue with any of the latest patches, so you can roll back to a working set of data.

    Whole WT Folder Downloads

    To use the above, please do the following:

    1. Open the link above in a web browser of your choice
    2. Select one of the three languages to download, for example, EN for the English version
    3. Once the download completes, open the download, extract the folder inside to where you want your game data to be installed. I would suggest sticking with the default C:\AeriaGames\WolfTeam-XX where XX is the version of data you downloaded.
    4. Then launch the game from the file Launcher.exe within that folder
    5. If working correctly, feel free to create a shortcut to that file and place it on your desktop.

    Part 2 – Issues patching the game

    Within this section, I’ll try to give you some advice on why the game might not be patching. Most of the time, it isn’t anything to do with the game setup, but something within your own environment that is being blocked. But before you start playing around with anti-virus and firewalls, try to access a few known websites and see if they load correctly. It might be that your home network isn’t working as it should, such as the DNS isn’t happy. More on this below.

    Antivirus (AV)

    Without doubt, 9 out of 10 times players have unable to patch the game is to do with their antivirus (AV) blocking it. The easiest way to determine if this is the case for you, would to be disable your AV (if it allows you to) and launch the game. If it patches correctly, then that is what is to blame. If that is the case, since we don’t want to do anything online without protection on our PC, you’ll need to write an exception rule within the software for the Wolfteam folder, which should then allow you to turn it back on and everything to be working as it should.

    It is worth noting that Windows 10 users will likely find disabling their third-party AV, will then have the Windows default AV kick in, which again, might block the game. So same process with that, write a rule, test it, then enable it. This would be the same if you have multiple AV’s on your computer, for whatever reason, although I would strongly suggest removing them and only having one, as often they confuse each other and create more problems than they solve.


    Chances are, troubleshooting the AV situation will lead you onto the firewall as they often work very closely together and tends to be within the same third-party solution. So, like we did for the AV, we’ll need to create a rule that allows the Wolfteam folder to happily go through the firewall.

    The main difference with the firewall though, is that Windows firewall never really gets turned off, even when using a third-party solution. There shouldn’t be a need to add the folder to the exception list, as a prompt should popup asking you if you are happy for this program to connect through your network, in which case, please select allow. Once complete, this should allow the game to do what it needs to.

    Network configuration

    As mentioned above, there maybe a largest issue with your network setup. Again, each case will likely be different, as there could be several problems here, but I would suggest testing several other games and loading a few different websites, making sure they are loading correctly.

    You may need to contact your internet provider, or a local IT professional if you are struggling with this, as it isn’t something myself, nor Aeria Games can help with.


    Hopefully by now you are back online and able to login to the game. It is possible that something might update on your computer and you may need to troubleshoot these related issues again, but the process is the same, disable, test, write rules, then enable. No IT professional would ever recommend running your computer without any protection, as they wouldn’t ever recommend not installing Windows updates. It’s a dangerous world out there online and although you’ll never be 100% safe, you can still make it hard as possible, so they give up and target someone else.

    Need help?

    As always, I’m only a few clicks away. Best bet is to contact me on the Wolfteam Discord ( and leave a message in the Games questions channel, then myself, or one of our amazing fellow GM’s can help out.

    You can also message me on Discord, Forums, or in-game if that would be easier.

    Aeria Ignite closed down around 2 years ago, so that would be why that isn't working. For some reason, it is included in the game data still.

    The above solution is great if the game hasn't installed correctly, but if it has, then it'll likely be something to do with your setup on your PC. Often, it tends to be antivirus related. I would suggest disabling it, then see if the game patches. If that is the case, I would then write a rule allowing that game folder through the AV.

    From the cases I've looked into, they seem to be character card related as that is stupid amounts of GP in one go. That being said, if that keeps happening each month, something fishy is going on...

    Completely agree.

    We've flagged it up a few times now and have got different answers each time. They seem to range from not trusting us to not being possible. That being said, Softnyx have removed multiple commands from the game, banning and muting being one of them, they now only possible using external tools, which only the CM's have access too. Don't worry, I'm still pushing that as how are you meant to moderate a game when you have the same access as a normal player.

    Anyway, this is a new anti-cheat currently being tested that is being used on a few other Aeria Games' titles right now. From what I've seen, it seems to be very effective, so we'll have to sit tight and wait to see what will happen as a result of that for now.

    Hi Kipper,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Depending on the age of the data, a redownload might be the simplest solution here. But fully respect that this might be easiest said than done for multiple reasons.

    In which case, if it is Xigncode related, replacing the old folder with a new working one might work. You have to be very careful with Xigncode though, as it does love to get confused and trigger when played around with. I would also like to point out, maybe not in this case but if anyone else if reading, that you should never use someone else's folder that isn't from a trusted source, as the data within those files are very specific to the user account and sharing could put your own account at risk.

    This is a newly downloaded Xigncode folder, testing with a brand new account to make sure it is working. Feel free to download and give it a try.

    Xigncode Download (EN - 2019.01.03)

    Let me know if you have any issues, happy to jump on a remote session if that would be helpful?!

    There isn't any that I know of that are still around! We had loads back in the day, myself included, but very few if any of them upload anymore.

    It is lovely seeing that you are making content, great job! Hopefully we'll bump into each other soon enough :P


    Yes! If the official links are not working, for whatever reason, you are welcome to use my link.

    Depending what language you are wishing to use, you have a few options.

    If you want to use the English or German version, I would suggest downloading these, as they are fully patched and have all the fixes already in them:

    Patched Client Download

    It'll be a case of download one of the above, from the link, then once complete, extracting the folder somewhere on your computer and running the Launcher.exe within it.

    If that sounds a little tricky to you, feel free to use my offline installers, although there isn't a way for me to patch these without breaking the terms and conditions, so you'll have to do that yourself, from the link that Kresh posted above.

    Offline installers

    Please shout if any problems!

    Which version of the game do you use? If it is German or English, I have fixes for them. Sadly, I'm still trying to find someone with a working French version that I can get the files off.

    To download the fix, please download one of these:

    Text Fix EN Text Fix DE

    Then please do the following:

    1. Open a file browser and go to your Wolfteam server notice folder, which is within your Wolfteam install folder. By default, it is here: C:\AeriaGames\WolfTeam-XX\img\servernotice\
    2. Replace the files with those within the zip file, overwriting when prompted.

    You should now have a working Wolfteam install, with all the text. Please test it and let us know how you got on.

    It is worth noting that laptop GPU's are normally cut down versions of the desktop ones.

    If gaming is your main focus at that price point, spend the money on the GPU, as anything i5 and 6GB RAM is more than you'll ever need. I would also suggest, getting a laptop that can be upgraded, so as time gets on, you can upgrade parts of it.

    Both look like good options though, but that'll both weight a tone and I would second the desktop comments above. :P

    Hi Zumaaa,

    Sorry to hear you are having problems! It seems like you have done everything right, so not quite sure what is to blame. That error is related to a file being locked (normally by an AV) or corrupt.

    Give me a second and I'll upload a working complete install, so that we can work out if it is something on your system blocking it or if it was the install.

    I'll edit this in a second with the download link....


    I've answered this already in multiple topics and private messages....

    When using the default wolfteam downloader, it'll download the data to a temp location, then get moved to the wolfteam folder under your C:\ drive. You'll then get an option to install the game, which you can pick a location for the installed files.

    Using the above information, each of the locations will require enough space. On a standard install, you'll require around 8GB of space on your C:\ drive, simply to use the downloader, due to temp space and which then gets moved. Once you have the data, you'll then need around an additional 3GB for the location you'll want to install the game.

    If you want to skip all that, not having to worry about temp space, then simply download my offline installer, which includes all the data, so you can just unzip it and click install. That'll only require around 5GB of free space and can be on any drive, not just the C:\:

    Offline Installer

    Any problems, please reply to this thread, not create a new one.

    I can confirm that Wolfteam doesn't work with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update doesn't work with Wolfteam.

    This is a known problem, for a lot of programs oddly, that is being addressed. I'm sure Softnyx already know of this and are working on an update, which should push to our systems before the update is forced through. All I can suggest is that you don't update quite yet, as the update is still optional, then hopefully the fix will be here ready in the next week or two.

    I'm a developer myself and I know I have to make a few changes to my software for it to work happily and I know that many Chrome uses are complaining, as that isn't working quite right, so it is a lot of big names affected.

    I-115 GL (gold) is my baby! I loved the snow version, although haven't seen that around for quite some time, requested it for perm, then they sent the wrong one and have been too lazy to swap it.

    It takes skill to use, unlike most of the other snipers. It's a lot slower, less damage, just for me, a lot more fun.

    Never really been a fan of playing against the kar, as exactly as you said, it is far too fast.

    That explains it, thank you. I agree, that isn't very smart, as exactly as you mentioned, no real reward for playing any more, if that is what you are motivated by.

    I know that a lot of work is being put into trying ti inject more gold and WC into the game, via different events and rewards, so maybe this is a good opportunity to reward this. I have no idea if this is something that would reward devs, or under AG's control, we'll see.

    To be fair, they normally warm the players when of maintenance, which didn't happen this week. Exactly as RRW has said, if it is on a Thursday, around 10:00 - 14:00 CET, it'll be maintenance related.

    You can also jump on Discord and one of us will confirm it, if that is helpful to you.

    Good old Shiiri, isn't it time for your nap? ;P

    I know that I personally value feedback, which I know that the management team also love. I think we all know that this game isn't in the best state and it isn't going to be an easy fix, although if you can think of anything that could be done, still keeping in mind that it is a business, then please shout!

    I'm pushing the whole Gold vs AP side of things and making sure there are more chances for non-spender to get gold, but I'm you can all respect that any change that requires the dev's, is basically just like talking to a wall.

    That's a very good point mate! To be honest, I have so much gold I didn't really pay much attention to bits like that. Mind explain how the system works, then I'll try to bring that up with the others.

    Hello, I'm not any of the people above; I'm Big ;P

    Welcome - Hope to bump into you in-game soon. :)

    There is a problem this. Big YouTubers want big money for promoting a game. So you could go to smaller channels but they barely have influence. :/

    I think you would be surprised at both the amount quite well known YT's would happily agree to do some promotional work and most companies have a pot of money for advertising, which could easily be increased if needed. AG are huge company that pulls in millions, so you would simply need to put a good case to the pencil pushers up top that this is easily get returned back into the game.

    Not sure how much you lot know about gamigo, but they love to buy older games, then make changes needed to keep them running. Unlike Aeria, they don't just see opportunities to make a quick bit of money, they think a little more about the big picture, over time.

    Hi sanammang9,

    Sorry to hear you are having problems! That is quite a common error, so I wouldn't worry, nothing to do with Xigncode, so sadly Wolfer's solution above isn't going to do much.

    Normally an anti-virus (AV) problem blocks files while it scans them, which tends to be the reason for that error, but the file would be corrupt, which would also explain it.

    Best bet would be to write a rule within your AV to exclude the wolfteam folder from scans, then test to see if the problem is fixed. If not, might be easiest, not to waste anymore of your time, to uninstall the game, then installing once again from a tested version that is known to be working, for example, from one of the download links on this page: Wolfteam Minor / Offline Installer

    Let us know how you get on!

    I personally think that xStarfire makes a very valid point. The game really needs some new faces, to keep it active. The old players are not coming back unless the whole reason for them leaving is addressed, but that is another point for another day.

    Getting some YouTube coverage is a great idea, since I know of a lot of players that found the game through that method. If I was in the PM's shoes, I would be trying to think of ideas to bring new players in, which tend to be large scale events or role models of the individuals enjoying the game.

    I know that Icy has spent a lot of time sharing his thoughts on this, since he comes from a YouTube background. I can't do into too much detail, but a lot of good ideas have been brought up internally, so hopefully, even if a small handful of them come into action, it'll do a lot of good for the game.

    What was the last name of Mercenary ?

    We are one of the only clans that never have changed their name from the start.

    It only changed thanks to the merge, when there was a problem, so we lost the name so became MercenaryEN. Thanks for a bug in the system, it is incredibly hard to change it back, even though we have been trying for many years now.

    Mercenary great clan...(I mean the Mercenary clan before the Merge happened). :)

    +1 ;P

    Still working on getting the name back... silly servers taking weeks before a name becomes free once again.

    Agree. The problem is that not everyone wants to play Freedom unless there is an organized room. The FGs must be planned and scheduled. I would join it if I am online at the time.

    I would disagree with that - quite often jump online and build up a few friendly people, then explain the rules to them and then play some FG. That normally happens most times I'm on.

    The problem you are having is with the direct X version shipped within Windows 10. A lot of older games, wolfteam included, are reporting this exact problem of low FPS and mix results in performance, while still being able to play some big, more demanding titles.

    Before we start, can I just double check what version of DirectX you are currently using?

    1. From Start, type dxdiag in the Search box, and then press enter.
    2. Tap or click on dxdiag from the results.
    3. Check DirectX Version on the first page of the report in the System Information section.

    Windows claims that all directX updates are now done through windows update and there are no longer any stand-alone packages for the later versions of directX. That being said, following Windows Updates guidelines, can we also make sure that everything is up-to-date and happy, then we can go down the road of forcing updates if needed.

    Welcome back lEnvy!

    As you said, a lot has changed over the last couple of years and very few players would say for the better, but lets not go down the road.

    Both Kyle Worker and Ruslan Ionov are robot characters, which have power suits, unlike any other character in the game right now. Here is a image for reference:


    I would be lying to say that they are not incredibly overpowered, although what isn't these days on the wolf side of the game? If you enjoy that kind of thing, they would be great fun! Sadly I'm not much of a fan of all the new wolf items, old boring guy here, so can give much of an honest opinion of what they are like, as I've only played around with them on test accounts.

    You'll also notice that a lot of new guns that have been added, depending on when you left, I would imagine you'll be quite surprised just how powerful some of them are.

    That being said, Wolfteam is great fun with a few mates still. I have had some real laughs messing around with silly weapons and generally chilling out, so it isn't all bad news like a lot of the players still floating around will tell you.

    This is nice isn't it! Welcome to all the new faces and welcome back to all the old ones.

    I'm Big, or J31G - that English guy that has been around for quite a while. I'm sure most of you know my story, so I'll keep in short.

    I'm a Software Dev that has worked in almost all areas of IT, from physical networking, server setup and maintenance, to building some global software that is used by millions. Currently living in Oxford and working in London, when I'm not at home claiming to be working from there.

    I've always been a huge fan of FPS games and some how found my way into the Softnyx beta back for WT in 2008. A few years down the line, I came over to Aeria, where I am today, Master of the lovely Mercenary, which I'm sure any of the players around here that have been around the game for any real amount of time would have heard of.

    Started as a GS back in 2012, then became a WTP, and now back as a GS once again - funny how these things come around isn't!? I was known as the technical guy around the old EN forums, so feel free to shoot any questions my way, I'll happily give them my best and try and sort you out!

    Once again, I've wrote far too much, so I'll stop now. I love to chat, as you can tell, so feel free to drop me a message in-game, on the forums, or Discord. Or if you want to chat, why not come and jump on my Teamspeak.

    Would be cool if there would be more rewards after Top Colonel.

    Agreed! There seems to be a huge gab that could do with filling. Saying that, how many players do you know that have reached top colonel that haven't got a considerable number of permanent items?

    how to join to wolfteam game ?

    1. Download the game, with the links below, depending on your language:

    Download EN     Download DE     Download FR

    2. Run the installer, selecting all the positive options

    3. Once installed, login using your Aeria Games account information

    4. Select a channel, which will prompt you to pick an in-game name

    5. Then Join a room and enjoy!

    hehe we are kinda of a new clan so hopefully one day we will be as good as Mercenary :P

    We can all hope! ;P

    Best of luck though mate, hopefully bump into you in a clan wars or two!


    How To: Report hackers/glitchers



    Within this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about how to record a hacker/glitch, uploading it, then writing a ticket to get that person banned!



    This thread was orginally covered by mVHERO; I’ve been updating it over the years to reflect current systems and moving it over to the new forums.


    Recording Software

    The following programs are capable of recording in-game for “free”:

    · In-game recorder (F9) [Recommended]

    · Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) [Recommended]

    · ShadowPlay [Recommended]

    · Fraps

    · Xsplit

    This list is by means complete; new bits of software turn up all the time and old ones get updaded and on the flip side, break. The ones listed above work with Wolfteam at the time of writing.


    1. In-game recorder ‘F9’: How to Use

    The simplest of the list abovel simply git that ‘F9’ key while in-game to start the recording.

    1.1 - First off you need to press the 'F9' key in-game, this will record a video to your screenshot folder.

    1.2 - Find the video - The video will be in your C:\AeriaGames\Wolfteam-XX\ScreenShot folder.

    ** If you have changed the location of the Wolfteam installed to a different location, it will be under that folder.


    2. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS): How to Use

    Free, Open Source, Simple Interface and Light application. This little program does it all, with a very little footprint. Some configuration is required, although once setup, you are laughing.

    2.1 – Download OBS from their site: DOWNLOAD-LINK

    2.2 – Install OBS by running the downloaded installer

    2.3 – Open the program. Click the “+” icon under sources, and select Display Capture

    2.4 – Select the display that WolfTeam opens on, and press record, then you are set!


    3. ShadowPlay: How to Use

    ShadowPlay by Nvidia GeForce is another great free software for recording your game play. The tool is provided by Nvidia Geforce, the manufacturers of GPUs installed in most of our PCs. ShadowPlay, unlike some of the other options on this list, uses your GPU instead of the CPU, which in most cases, gives incredibly getting performance while gaming. However, you will need Geforce GTX 600 and above to run ShadowPlay.

    3.1 – Download Nvidia ShadowPlayer from here

    3.2 – Run the installer, select all options you wish.

    3.3 – Run GeForce Experience once installed.

    3.4 – Select the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the program

    3.5 – You’ll then find a option named “Share”, make sure that it is turned on

    3.6 – You are now set, you can now record your games pressing the hotkey.


    4. Fraps: How to Use

    4.1 - Download Fraps from the official site here.

    4.2 - Install Fraps

    4.3 - Change your settings as you prefer. Go to Movies > FPS. As for the FPS I would suggest more than 60 at least [See my NOTE3 in the post]. Go to Movies > And set the size to Full-size.


    5. Uploading and Reporting

    To report hackers, glitchers, or any other rulebreakers, please following these steps:

    5.1 – Find your video that you recorded, with one of the above steps.

    5.2 - Upload it to a video hosting website.

    Some examples:

    · YouTube [Recommended]

    · Streamable [Recommended]

    · Google Drive

    5.3 – Go to the Gamigo/Aeria Games report page

    1. Click “send a ticket” on the top menu

    2. Select your game, in my case, EN – Wolfteam

    Here is a example of a ticket, which you are welcome to use a template, replaying all the text within the <text> with information that applies to you.


    5.4 – REPORT IT!


    Feedback – Let me know if I’ve missed anything, or feel something is not as clear as it could be. Thanks!