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    Unfortunately, there's a high chance that your account was banned for some reason; consequently, you need to follow up the rest of the reply.

    You can try going to this link and type your log-in ID in place of the word "here", for example: .. If you can access your profile link (as in the example), then there's a high chance your account is not banned. However, this might not always be the case, as in some type of bans, the account password is altered, but you could be able to access your page.

    Moreover, if you wish to know more about the account status, be able to recover your account, or request a ban appeal, you can follow the support page here Contact Us , select "EN- Wolfteam", select "I have an admin problem with my account" at the "Type of the problem", and fill in the rest of required information.

    Additionally, you'll need to provide an answer (as much as you can) for all of the required information in the "Your message" section:

    -Aeria Account name
    -Name(s) of the character(s)
    -Items which the character(s) have equipped and in the inventory
    -The original email address that was used to create the account
    -The 5 most recent AP transaction ID numbers associated with this account, along with the transaction dates, method of payment and payment amounts
    -The date the account was registered

    - The country where this account was created

    - A new mail address for the recovery of the account

    Also, note that you don't need to access the original email address for a verification when you provide it for the support team, you only need to tell them what was the exact address of the original email you used to create the account.

    Copyrights?! even the joke is stolen wattt??

    I prefer to use Stout: lightweight, and no scoping is more accurate when someone is closer to me unlike most other snipers, and sometimes I do use I-115 GL, been using it when I first started the game, camping with it in the blue base of arrival

    All other snipers suck because they're not Stout.

    We do get certain amounts of gold upon login, but it's uncertain if it's going to continue. But, what is promised by is that we should get decent amount of gold from the playtime/killcount events that is distributes over each tier in the pt/kv events

    Engaging in 90% of items choice, I'd not tell you I don't like the items, but you're correct, prices are somewhat over the range, and even if you got those huge amounts of gold, there're few options other than the golden forge that you can spend your gold on.

    But, there're some solutions that are propsed:

    Gold shop, should get updated sooner or later, but i'm not really into its update atmosphere, and I won't like to intrude someone else's jobs/tasks.

    Also, there'd be a fixed amount of nearly 500k gold (as a whole) that you can obtain via playtime/killcount events.

    Should be starting up soon (probably next week).

    Moreover, some prices maybe altered later on when the lounge gets reseted again. /fingers-crossed/

    Also, to specify, I heard compliants about the price of the WC box getting higher, relating on that: it is part of the price alteration plan that has been discussed, and promised by. Lastly, regarding the disappearance of permanent items, i'm not certainly sure that everyone liked to get useless guns for the sake of just filling the inventory of permanent items. Implementing permanent items could be a possibility that might be asked from the upper management, but again I can't see getting a "good" permanent item for gold happening any near.

    I already wanted, (and planned) a video contest of trailer creation, and permanent rewards is an option, but waiting for a suitable time, or maybe until forum activity is better than the current level.

    But if you mention it being simple, and friendly without rewards, that's also more than great.

    Hello folks,

    We've decided to bring the free kick-vote service back to action..

    You will receive 3 free kick-votes for using 1 kick-vote against a cheater with EVIDENCE in the following cases:

    If the game sage is absent from your game, you'll need to post a short video (only) evidence that CLEARLY shows that shows the kick-vote taking place, and that the person you kickvoted is a cheater

    If the game sage is available inside your game, and the kick instance takes place infront of him/her, there's no evidence required to be provided.

    Reply example:


    - Note the following:

    • Your short video evidence must clearly show the cheating instance of your offender in order for your kick to be delivered.
    • In case a Game Sage is inside the game, please notify him/her to the kick you applied, so he/she doesn't forget you.
    • Kick-votes may take from 1-3 working days from submission date to be delivered, and there's a maximum cap of 60 kick-votes that you can receive each week.

    The welcome package should arrive within 72 hours after the purchase has been made. Sadly, it doesn't arrive at once. So, I'd kindly ask you to wait, or if it takes longer than usual, please send a ticket and fill in the required details via that link

    Hello soldiers,

    The following rules are critical to the in-game organisation, and aims to make the game a fun place for everyone.

    While reading the rules set, please note that those rules are a guideline, and are subject to change when applied dependent on what actually happened during any violation.

    In-game regulations
    Usage of third-party software (aimbots, wallhacks, fly hacks, etc..) including, but not limited to, any software that interferes with your game-play in anyway such as macro settings, ip grabbing software, crosshair altering software, etc. - Permanent ban.
    - 7 days ban for xigncode detections.

    Attempting to scam other-players' accounts by anyway. (this also applies to forums/discord)
    Permanent ban.
    Selling or trading your account with another player. (this also applies to forums/discord)
    Permanent ban.
    Systematic (and continuous) abuse of kick-votes against a specific player. 3-5 days ban. More if it continues.
    Intentionally blocking a room in the clan war rooms. 3-5 days. More if it continues.
    Usage of two or more accounts in a game in order to gain free GP, or to improve your profile statistics. 5-10 days. GP Reset if it continues.
    Team playing: not killing opponents in the opposite team in order to quickly pass an event time, or to shift the game balance against other players. 5 days ban.
    Glitching. 5 days ban. More if it continues.
    Tapping. 5 days ban. More if it continues.
    Flood (spam) the in-game chat (or messenger) 1 day ban dependent on what's spammed. More if it continues.
    Continuous accusations messages that slanders a player of hacking. 3-5 days ban. More if it continues.
    Harassment, and insult. 3 days ban. 5 days, and 7-10 days if it continues.
    Immoral or racist clan name, or call sign 3 days ban, and a name change.
    Racist remarks or messages.

    Game Sage/Game Master limited regulations.
    Game Sage/Game Master, Community Manager, or any member of the staff impersonation.
    Permanent ban.
    Game Sage/Game Master, and Community Manager event interruption. 3-5 days
    GS/SGS/CM/GM/PM public defamation or disrespect.
    3-5 days, and 7-10 days if it continues.

    To report a player with any of the above offences:

    - Please head to contact us, and fill in the required details.

    * If you have a particular problem with a game sage, please fill in the same ticket via contact us, or contact the SGS in the same language territory.


    Wolfteam support.

    Only noticeable difference is that Kyle worker's special trait (right click) is a shield that increases the defense, while Rulsan's special trait is a grenade that is directly shot at the opponents, and has medium damage in addition to pulling effect as of the red grenade, and you're able to throw the grenade infinitely when ever you howl back.

    Black element scratch is a nice choice, since you have the same damage of the blood scratch in addition to a 5 seconds remote damage to the main HP every-time you attack your opponent with the wolf on a 5-seconds-time interval