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    1. Start banning hackers, also join game and ban directly.

    2. Fix the balance that new PMs promissing almost a year but making it even worse and worse and worse.

    3. Fix bugs / update game.

    4. Stuff aeria do / did upto now.

    >In this order<

    Basically learn from softnyx and joygame.

    Stop making useless things like you do now and say "we are busy",

    also aeria takes hours up to a day for "maintenance stuffthingwhateveritis" which is done in joy literally in minute + they add a shop update next to that...

    If they aren't flying guardians with million hp, it's just fun. Just imagine how boring this game could be if there would be just few proz and tons of bobs ^^But the worst timezone is when WUPURASS players are online, always max 5 rooms and few of these hackers who rejoins after every kick. Best timezone is when X isn't too wasted to make FG's and rest of time it's simply just boring bs

    Yea, but now nobody use infinite hp or something. Today's wannables only has inventory + aimkey and ahhh just in case they still fail miserably.

    Try looking for latest new Dell G3 models, (if it's available in your country already)

    i7 7850H, gtx 1060, 16gb ram, 17" ips monitor, 256ssd + 1tb hdd for below 1000$.

    This is cheapest and best laptop i found while searching for mine.

    The only cons may be small battery (long gaming without charging may be a problem), and it get somewhat loud during long gaming sessions, but if you play with headphones you won't notice that.

    aeria can't change powered items into cosmetics.

    All they can is fix unbalance, but that would increase amount of players and their servers wouldn't handle the popularity of the game, also it would increase income as more players play (some items even if just a little advantage still would be 'cash stuff') so they wouldn't know what to do with all that extra cash.

    Respawn time zero must remain, currently that's the only good item in there.

    Star, taurus tattoo - throw away, bring back the old Cobra SP set at least (not usable by cashers/old people, but would give somewhat better for newcomers).

    SE chars -> 3day, maybe a reboot for a rare chance.

    ALL coupons x10. 2k gold -> 20k, 5k->50k, 10k->100k, 1k wc -> 10k wc.

    lucky box? -> 5x or 10x them, all know they will just throw the prize away for 100 gold anyway

    these are minimal things that they should do

    Most people couldn't reach 1,5M gold / month before, now they expect to reach 1M / week, 3M / month?
    the thing that should help free-players is being transformed in casher's one as only they get that much amounts of free gold from ap tiereds and bonuses.

    I agree with all the parts except for the WC part.

    Yes of course they have to change the WC shop, of course he is outdated, but what you say is a little too much abuse. For example, you said:

    - Why the 175K tatoos should cost 100K cheaper ?

    For my opinion you think because you have a lot af WC to spend. But it's not the case fore everyone.

    175k tattoos are basically weaker in all ways than Unicorn SP which cost 150k, the only one legitimate to stand in good tattoo's section are Dragon N SP but even some 120k ones are better than they. in first place they should have been placed at 100k price comparing to other tattoos, but because of lack knowledge they rated "fancy" over "power".

    and because over all tattoos are too expensive for most people to buy, that actual 100k -> 75k.

    To be honest it should be even more cheaper. If you think it's for my own needs, you wrong. I buy only Russia tattoo B and for hands - Dragon N DP (for gold). Touching this point -> all Flag tattoos are same price but stats are not. Russia and some others could easily be priced 11k -> 30k wc and still would be most popular one.

    (I know stats are not for aeria to decide, but they should be equalized because people want their flag to carry, but are forced to choose other countries to play a game.)

    Wave's wrote:

    - And I don't think they will put these weapons in the WC shop because:

    1: they don't listen to us

    2: if they would do it, it would be in AP and not in WC shop. And if they do that, the best thing to do is to put ALL the weapons, even the news, in the shop.

    - For the character i agree with that, they must be cheaper, 500k for 30d it's scam (even 25k for 1d !).

    hacker like char = scam like prices. all fair, all good.

    and do they care? - read the title of this topic :)


    But why chuck with armors would cost so much more than reboot ? I'm sure you have simple and perfect answer for this since you are like some weird wolfteam monk who knows everything :P

    I assume you meant about 2nd gen reboots, so yea, I edited price for them.

    2nd-3rd gen ones should cost about same as Legendary SE.

    chuck - SE wolf but stronger than HC - capable to play both sides very good.

    reboot 1st gen - Reboot, but human not much different from a SE. In human form isn't too good, only good wolf.

    reboot 2nd-3rd gen - human for same as 1st reboot, but wolf extremely powerful with barely no equal match.

    Legendary reboots however, are above all, op wolf, op human.

    Monk el psy congroo

    Part 3 :

    I agree for everything except the shotguns, already it's boring when a full AP plays with, so it would be worse, because a no AP who bought it will necessarily use it because otherwise it would not be profitable for him to use that when there is someone in front who also plays with (we see it with the event).

    What else you except if they have it only 1day / month?

    Also it's rare to see VIP nab who don't spray vs non armor gold gun newbies, you think they would play fair with ulti vs ulti?

    That vip most likely die once and start uzas /legend anyway so again it will be regular abuse just like now.

    Anyway barely none non-cash players afford to buy WC items because of lack of WC, not all know vip lounge daily wc boxes, and won't have that much patience to collect them every day for a month to get 1 weapon or armor 30day

    If they would give those chars by events and stuff only. Yes then I'll agree. But if they are going to bring those out for ap only. It wil make the game even worse.

    For the rest cool ideas.

    As you saw those character "bonuses" are only for 250hp or 230hp characters which has no armors or special wolves.

    So 300's, reboots, se's are out of the question (to keep game fair unlike they just did with character cards).

    Even with those bonuses they probably only be equal to Top characters while comparing their "special skill", so cashers are less likely to use it (of course it may be some loopholes in it which they will try to abuse. So it's mainly for regular players to improve gameplay, invite new people to WT, and of course it would give a way for new-kind events.

    Anyway it's just an idea for perfect game, and as you guessed it need way too much work to be done.

    Aren't these trickshots always made with friends ? I can't even hit not moving target without any spinning, but you all have seen my "gaming set" :S Need to find mousepad which works on mattress so i could finally start sniping again after all these years.

    Well, it takes more skill to shoot bots than free-kill with friends.

    With good set you could definitely do that in Real games though.

    It just my solo opinion, I prefer real, fair and skilled games :D

    You are not the best person to talk about skill because when you lose you play live UTX or Legend. (Versus players with normal Weapons)

    Nevertheless, I am more or less in agreement with what is said.

    I do use it, but never start it before my opponents.

    It became bad because aeria still give most items from 2012-2014 as event stuff and think it balances game next to new released items. To balance need minimum- ulti/aerak+hc for humans, se + dash (not special ability) for wolves free or for gold.

    and Wolf is harder to play than human.

    Don't call yourself a wolver if all you can do is se/reboot ability.

    If both teams have equal Skill:

    in FG human team always wins

    with max ap (Legend 300 team vs legend reboots / reboot 2nd gen + legend tattoo) humans mostly win as well.

    The only equality to Legend guns are legend reboots or 2nd gen reboot (fast ones) and bahama ofc (all with best tattoo, etc.. Against SE 1v1 it's obviously abuse.

    not talking that 90% kids share legend to whole team against 1SE with weak/none tattoos or none SE at all (-to one comment who said wolves abuse) -in wolf you can't 'share' it at least.

    Sadly aeria go otherwise and gives legend way too often and perm ofc.

    And in the end is wolfteam. It has around/more than 50% content for wolf. so if you play perfect with human, you only are 50% skilled, but noone plays perfect that means you just noob then :)

    So, general high-end perfect game ideas of WT.

    Keep them fair, and supreme unrealistic because each of ideas would cause to update game as much as it is now and it will take 10gb at least so nobody will download.

    If someone want to add their ideas or something and this will go on, I'll make a combined list, little bored...

    1. Characters edition


    Camouflage, Ski, Jungle, Mafia, Sci-fi, summer/autumn/winter/spring, football etc... various characters are pretty much super useless, and nobody uses because of: low-super low defence, medium-low speed, no effects, wolf no effects.

    Idea? - Effects which could be able to use on that specific characters.

    Only on human side:

    - Camouflage effect: similar to ghost 2 transparency while not moving + armor colour change into environment one (means in almost every map it changes colour, or at least you can choose which colour to use only with this character).

    - Ski effect: on snow themed maps similar to ghost 2 transparency while not moving + 25% more movement speed.

    - Jungle effect: on dark themed maps similar to ghost 2 transparency while not moving + 25% more quiet movement / weapon drawn.

    - Mafia effect: +50% damage on mec, dual teac, pistol guns + higher reload speed + more ammo.

    - Sci-fi effect: Plasma - atomic plasma, and other futuristic gun boosts similar to mafia one. (obvious)

    - summer/autumn/winter/spring effect: (wondered quite a while, so..) During that season their stats becomes similar to 300HP.

    - Football effect: +50% speed on hard ground (not work on ice, water etc..)

    - Adult effect: (obvious you buy it not for stats), so at least they must have +100-150% gold/GP + faster bomb plant / resurrect and being resurrected speed.

    - UDF effect: +50% speed on water, transparency while in water + maybe higher def while in it.

    - Valentine, x-mas, halloween, thanksgiving characters: during these occasions stats similar to 300 (maybe even higher to fill up the spirit for those few days !)

    - SWAT effect: Faster while carrying main gun, faster reload, more ammo (similar to mafia, but affects all main guns, however not increase damage)

    - WW effect: of course making WW guns legend like (those OP stick granates and ruger)

    2. Maps edition

    Intro: Maps are too plain (not talking about main graphics, which surely would upgrade game).

    For example: Frozen - map literally frozen, cars covered in snow, some car crashes, everyone evacuated, and guess what? We decide to held a match during sunny day with no wind nor snow falling, cool.

    So, idea obvious:

    - Snow falling feature, snow / sand storms (random presidente storm) which decrease visibility a lot and which is random!

    ( or random presidente stormer spawns and launch a nuke to blast everyone. jk )

    - Maybe some tragedy in various maps which opens new passage (idea from IronSight).

    - Thicker fog regarding the distance.

    - Footprints on snow should not disappear that fast even if it Would snow, which currently don't.

    I should have add something regarding sounds - more realistic background sounds be cool, (air vents in city arena are like 500% louder than other sounds), also no matter how slowly you walk, snow will still cause sounds~!

    Also sound bugs which remains in lobby after certain maps ~~~~:cursing:

    3. Ultimate WC shop overhaul

    Intro: Not needed I suppose.

    All further items was set to make a fair gaming, prices are little more equalized looking at their power compared to other items in-game. Still not-too-easy obtainable.

    Characters / armor:

    240-250 hp SE characters ~70k wc / month.

    250 hp A grade characters ~50k wc / month.

    300 hp Reboot S grade characters 1st gen ~150k wc / month; 2nd and 3rd gen ~ 400k wc / month.

    4th gen - 500k

    HC armor make cheaper to ~80k wc.

    Golden armor for Basic characters make cheaper to ~40k wc, not more.

    270hp Legend chars (chuck, stephan, etc) ~100k wc + Armor ~300-400k wc / month

    Power items:

    Wolf dash cheaper, ~70-80k wc or below.

    Add wolf special ability for 150k wc, (current dash price).

    Tattoos cheaper, 100k ones -> 50k, 150k -> 100k, 175k -> 75k, Golden SETS -> 50k or Below, they are REALLY weak nowadays or just better totally remove them.

    +new tattoos

    New scratches from AP shop transfer to wc ~100k wc


    Some spray weapons for wc (aaa/uzas/utx) so non cashers could try them out. ~100k wc

    Zaitsev ultimate / black ~50k wc

    Ultimate/aerak ~75k

    elwrci / em468 (some wicked tag) / ear-15 ~50k wc

    Magnum G ~75k wc

    Peacemaker ~50k wc

    Some AP granades for wc (tops 50k wc if it's good)


    ALL skill ups -> 50k wc.

    Add more Gold / GP bonuses Current Ultimate Combo plus -> 15-20k wc.

    Add WC boxes. Premium character card box ~50k / ea. Olympic box ~50k / ea. etc.

    Other notes:

    ALL NEW ITEMS before being sold for AP must be at least a week or 2 in wc shop (most likely only 1 day-buy option)