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    Aeria cannot change stuff like that as everyone is already saying.

    And yes the old wolfteam was way better, everyone knows that. But it is simply impossible to get that back. And how does Aeria want to make money if there is nothing to pay for anymore? Like they have to keep the servers running and all and they need money for it.

    Yes, many players know that Ironsight is released by Aeria Games few months later. I saw few days ago that they are doing Partner ship program in which Youtuber, Twitchers and other streamers should Stream the game by which other players will come into game and the people who stream will get rewards too. So yeah it's a great idea to invite people to Wolfteam like that. Personally I joined Fortnite last month, I saw a person who was streaming and I downloaded it and now I play :D

    There is a problem this. Big YouTubers want big money for promoting a game. So you could go to smaller channels but they barely have influence. :/


    This game changed that much it's insane.

    They should've remaked the game in the time they did nothing.
    On a new engine and all that stuff.
    Would love to see the outcome

    If you want to correct someone on their English.
    You should check your message first before hitting on send

    And yes I totally agree with you! We do need people like youtubers who bring people to the game.
    That is simply how TR got so big.
    Unfortunately we don't have big youtubers at the moments. And you ain't gonna be big when you upload wolfteam

    Everyone knows wolfteam exists, but they also know this is pay2win. Imagine when in 2k18 some random newbie downloads this game and tries to play without char and good weps. Teammates are writing stuff like " omg noob, kick this noob, no team" and same time enemyteam abuses him with AP so hard he can't get even one kill. He won't log in again :)Actually i'm wondering , does aeria yet give any items when you make new acc ? Sometimes i see these recruits in game with 200 hp and mec, melts my heart <3

    I exactly know what you mean! I often help out those guys and teach them a lot about this game. And yes they can buy things like armor packs for gold in shop but they simply don't know. I already suggested to the older pm to get in a complete guide for the noobs. Unfortunately It isn't here yet and maybe it will never come I don't know

    The wc shop is actually fine.

    The only thing they should change is some weapons.
    The weapons atm are garbage for this time while they were good some years ago

    Hey Starfire I get you are a little bit salty on my because of discord?
    If that is the reason for this useless comment then just don't post anything.

    To aim for youtube ads?
    Well buddy you gotta need 4000 watch hours and 1000 subs atleast to activate ads.


    So what do you guys think about this game atm?
    Do you guys think it will last long or do you think it will die sooner and sooner?
    Have you guys thought of any way to improve the game again?
    Share your opinions down below!


    My name is jef (IamJef)
    I think you already know me tbh.
    I started playing at 2009 and had multiple accounts.
    I don't really play wolfteam anymore. Only sometimes to chill