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    1) Boxes need some updating. EG: Lucky box; (STEN, MP-40, Tommy-45 (original)) aren't top tier weapons anymore, but back in the day it was good. Please think about changing the weapons/items in there.

    2) (maybe may not happen), my idea to put weapon slots for WC for an undisclosed amount of WC. A new player who doesn't want/have cash will have a hard time against full wolves. 2nd weapon slots were good to cashers back then, new players with just 1 primary gun will not be able to compete these days.

    3) (also may not happen) (2+2) on characters, as in 2 random blue/red 1 and 1 female perm chars and 2 random red/blue male chars for perm, so they can decide if on both sides if they want to play for gold or GP or play one side for gold or one side for GP.

    Ok, next weapon review is the PAL (or FAL) in other games.

    Its a nice gun, kinda threw me off in the beginning since the FAL in other games is semi-auto. In this game though, its fully automatic.

    It feels like the baby brother of the AKEI-47's in this game.

    The recoil on it is very low and manageable :)

    The spray spread is also very low and manageable :)

    I was able to get 2 HS in a row with it

    Its a 1 hit HS to basic chars with full B-Grade armor, and its a 2 hit for most AP chars with decent defense :)

    *note: all my reviews are human vs. human combat, because i don't have a good mouse, and i hate fighting against fast wolves with wolf dash, i can't track them well :(*

    Do one on the ESL-8.

    Used it already long ago when the only 2 new gold guns were the EXK-8 MC and that gun :P

    I already have a summary I plan on posting soon.

    So i decided to make this thread on some gold guns (when i came back) were new to me :P.

    My first test was the EX-95 gold gun

    its an okay gun but not good against wolves... lmao

    its almost like the hybrid between the nostalgic EM16A2 and the EM-4ST

    it has the same upward recoil pattern as the EM16A2 and the spread of the EM16A2 and the crosshair spread while "shifting" and while running while gunning.

    next one ill probably test is the PAL rifle :) let me know what you think fellas... should i do more of these kind of random off the wall weapon reviews? :/

    So after the new data merge that happened a few days ago/last week, i came to check up on the stuff i normally check on the wolfteam aeria website... and one of the things i check is the Free Loot Box.

    I checked it yesterday and it just redirects me to the other 2 gift code options for the pride and other one...

    So i was wondering... where did it go? I used to like getting free stuff there :P

    If its gone RIP the FLB... :sadface:

    whats in game name ? send pressent in game ^^


    also my b-day is on the 29th of july (which falls on a sunday this year), but unfortunately, i cannot play on weekends... only weekdays... so you guys/gals might have to give me the presents early this year;)

    b-day in 2.5 weeks so np

    be ripe 33 years old np

    please no spem smoke nades :P

    would rather try those new gold weapons out for a day np

    like the SCAL WKS and the P18S pistol npnp

    if you guys wanna spam me 1 day of the other gold guns to, iz NP also

    thanks :)


    Don't really understand you;)

    Could you give a better explanation ?

    he was having issues logging on via launcher(because at that time, there was a server maint), but he was using the softnyx launcher for this game.

    he assumed this forum was for the softnyx version of wolfteam but not aeria ;)

    I remember when the local stores (game, misc.) sold aeria fun cards. Are they still in circulation or are they discontinued? I remember going to my local gamestop and they had aeria fun cards, and I went to charge it and they said it didn't work... :(

    Please let me know...

    Thank you

    I am not a big FPS fan. I find them all repetitive and basically not enjoyable. As of now,I do not have a favorite FPS, but I can share you the best game I've played so far. Its name is Praetorians. Truly a masterpiece of an RTS.

    lmao, never did like strategy games, probably cuz I suck at it :P

    my main 2 gaming genres are racing and FPS games :)

    yes, another boring but, I want your guys/gals opinions :P

    im 32 years old now, about to be 33 in about 2 months time

    I like FPS's, but im sure before wolfteam, you had your own favorite FPS.

    What was your favorite FPS growing up?

    Mine was the original Unreal Tournament from 1999 :) that was the first and best FPS I've ever played before.

    Let me know what yours are :)

    Post below ;)

    Zaboj, I believe he is having issues that some other person had when the computer installed april 2018 updates in which they can't log on now.

    I believe he will have to wait for an update so he can play again.

    Ever since I've played again and installed the game again. I have noticed that the game often CTD's (Crash To Desktop) me like every 3rd game I play :(. Especially frustrating when you are trying to load up into a game...

    Is there a plan to fix that any time soon?

    Thank you.

    back when i started playing this game in 2010, there were only the 3 OG snipers

    Love: Stout (all versions)

    Love: EM-40T (this one I actually was a noob at sniping, but its got a good amount of accuracy and damage, then I starting sniping more).

    Hate: I-115 (all versions), u move like a tank even before 2018 before leg boot armor that gives u a little extra movement speed, back in 2010 when we didn't have armor pieces... takes so long to move with that thing... :|

    How to improve my aim in this game?

    well in classic i would suggest getting guns with a laser sight attachment such as the elwrci guns. also some gold guns have laser sights that you can upgrade on the weapon.

    if you are good at mid range with the laser-equipped weapons, try using a scope upgraded weapon, or a weapon that has a scope aready attached to it to help improve your aim even more ;)

    hope I helped :)

    them the server is off?

    download it 3 times for nothing

    every Thursday, there is game/in-game server maintenance. so its likely that happened... most of the time its just game maintenance, but every once in a while, its a game patch...

    sorry late here, but your original post time was around 5 AM my time...

    Just for fun, what would you like in a free loot box scenario

    I am a free player and will always be a free player

    Just noting that the current FLB for me IMO, I am not too fond of it in certain ways.

    Just wanted to know what people would like in their dream FLB...

    Currently we have:

    2K gold, 5K gold, 10k gold, 500 WC, 1K WC, Star tattoo set, Taurus GL set tattoo, ELWRCi M6A2 (standard model), Chris and Pedro SE, Zaitsev, GP plus, gold plus, dragon axe, big kid, lucky box, weapon jackpot box, respawn time zero, cobra tattoo set.

    Mine would be...

    Ditch the 2K gold, add maybe 15K gold(so that would be enough to buy a gold purchasable character and armor for 1 day. Ditch the 500 WC and add 1.5K WC coupon, ditch the respawn time zero and maybe make it a extend invulnerability item. The rest I can deal with...

    let me know your thoughts...

    thank you...:)

    This system was a really nice addon feature to give a little incentive to play for a little extra gold

    That's a very good point mate! To be honest, I have so much gold I didn't really pay much attention to bits like that. Mind explain how the system works, then I'll try to bring that up with the others.

    So, when you play, u will eventually fill up a gauge. For every 30 mins you play you gain a fixed amount of gold earned.

    From what I have noticed: Play 30 mins (earn 5K extra gold), play 60 mins, (earn 10K extra gold), play 90 mins, (earn 15K gold), play 120 mins (earn 20K gold).

    after that point, for some reason, every 30 mins of play gives you I believe like 1K gold, so I've played after the allotted 120 mins, played 30 more mins and I only gain 1K more gold...

    Its as if the devs are saying 120 mins a day is max for gold a day...

    We do get certain amounts of gold upon login, but it's uncertain if it's going to continue. But, what is promised by is that we should get decent amount of gold from the playtime/killcount events that is distributes over each tier in the pt/kv events

    I do appreciate getting extra gold from kill/play events... but that's just part of the solution :/

    So, I was wondering... why we get so little gold for filling up the P.T Bonus gauge after 120 mins of playtime.

    Sometimes I play like 150-180 mins and only get like 1K-2K gold after.

    Up until 120 mins, I could get like 50K gold a day... after that, its pointless to continue playing... even with gold plus item boost with a female gold char boost as well... maybe we can talk it up with softnyx to change the P.T Bonus gauge system...

    Let me know what you think...:/

    What do you guys think of new gold lounge?

    Personally I like it to some extent, like getting the orange character card boxes, but also, the prices are a bit steeper than before

    *Maybe they can reduce cooldown time on Free Loot Box to compensate?*

    Or they can change the rewards in Free Loot Box...

    Let me know what you think...

    well everyone in aeria/wolfteam forums knows who I am (RRW9) in game.

    I've played this game since its launch and up to the point of the ELWRCi M6A2 eras.

    I continue to play this game but I used to like the olden days before UZAS and AAA-12 released

    Now, that there are many new guns, many of which has a lot of reskinned variants, I would like to just post what I saw in between different reskins of certain guns (using the ELWRCi M6A2) as the test gun

    ELWRCi M6A2 GL= (these type of guns have slightly increased fire rate)

    ELWRCi M6A2 SL= (these type of guns have slightly more wolf damage)

    ELWRCi M6A2 MC= (these types of guns have slightly more head damage and penetration)

    ELWRCi M6A2 PX= (these types of guns have slightly better on the move)

    ELWRCi M6A2 AT= (don't remember off the bat but I think AT versions have more of penetration and on the move)

    thanks for reading... if at all :)

    np, first here on the new version of the wolfteam forums.

    well, about me. I am Anthony Barican, 32 y/o from California Stockton USA.

    I've been playing wolfteam since after the fall of the MMO racing game that was once on aeria called (Project Torque). Been playing wolfteam on and off since then :).

    Nice to meet all of you :D.