Welcome package problem

  • The welcome package should arrive within 72 hours after the purchase has been made. Sadly, it doesn't arrive at once. So, I'd kindly ask you to wait, or if it takes longer than usual, please send a ticket and fill in the required details via that link

  • Welcome packs are delayed, due to our billing system being out of sync with the portal.

    Another issue connected to the portal maintenance. OPS team assured us the welcome packs will be sent in bulk once the system is back in sync.

    So please be patient guys, i know this is hard on everyone, but we will get through it together.


  • I'm patient, but it didn't come for about 2 weeks and admin wrote me in inbox, that my items were send.

    Items were send :

    Feb 20 2018 - 7:27am

    I don't have them in my in-game giftbox yet

    I'll message the CMs...