Wolfteam in-game sanctions and regulations.

  • Hello soldiers,

    The following rules are critical to the in-game organisation, and aims to make the game a fun place for everyone.

    While reading the rules set, please note that those rules are a guideline, and are subject to change when applied dependent on what actually happened during any violation.

    In-game regulations
    Usage of third-party software (aimbots, wallhacks, fly hacks, etc..) including, but not limited to, any software that interferes with your game-play in anyway such as macro settings, ip grabbing software, crosshair altering software, etc. - Permanent ban.
    - 7 days ban for xigncode detections.

    Attempting to scam other-players' accounts by anyway. (this also applies to forums/discord)
    Permanent ban.
    Selling or trading your account with another player. (this also applies to forums/discord)
    Permanent ban.
    Systematic (and continuous) abuse of kick-votes against a specific player. 3-5 days ban. More if it continues.
    Intentionally blocking a room in the clan war rooms. 3-5 days. More if it continues.
    Usage of two or more accounts in a game in order to gain free GP, or to improve your profile statistics. 5-10 days. GP Reset if it continues.
    Team playing: not killing opponents in the opposite team in order to quickly pass an event time, or to shift the game balance against other players. 5 days ban.
    Glitching. 5 days ban. More if it continues.
    Tapping. 5 days ban. More if it continues.
    Flood (spam) the in-game chat (or messenger) 1 day ban dependent on what's spammed. More if it continues.
    Continuous accusations messages that slanders a player of hacking. 3-5 days ban. More if it continues.
    Harassment, and insult. 3 days ban. 5 days, and 7-10 days if it continues.
    Immoral or racist clan name, or call sign 3 days ban, and a name change.
    Racist remarks or messages.

    Game Sage/Game Master limited regulations.
    Game Sage/Game Master, Community Manager, or any member of the staff impersonation.
    Permanent ban.
    Game Sage/Game Master, and Community Manager event interruption. 3-5 days
    GS/SGS/CM/GM/PM public defamation or disrespect.
    3-5 days, and 7-10 days if it continues.

    To report a player with any of the above offences:

    - Please head to contact us, and fill in the required details.

    * If you have a particular problem with a game sage, please fill in the same ticket via contact us, or contact the SGS in the same language territory.


    Wolfteam support.