• Sup guys,
    yesterday i had a discussion with Johnny. The theme was Snipers that are available in the game and which one are the best to use or the worst ones.
    Write down which Sniper you love and which one you hate!

    Here is my answer:
    Love: SVD Modern ( its a neat sniper to use)

    Edit: You can also write down why you like/hate them!

  • I-115 GL (gold) is my baby! I loved the snow version, although haven't seen that around for quite some time, requested it for perm, then they sent the wrong one and have been too lazy to swap it.

    It takes skill to use, unlike most of the other snipers. It's a lot slower, less damage, just for me, a lot more fun.

    Never really been a fan of playing against the kar, as exactly as you said, it is far too fast.

  • I prefer to use Stout: lightweight, and no scoping is more accurate when someone is closer to me unlike most other snipers, and sometimes I do use I-115 GL, been using it when I first started the game, camping with it in the blue base of arrival

    All other snipers suck because they're not Stout.

  • back when i started playing this game in 2010, there were only the 3 OG snipers

    Love: Stout (all versions)

    Love: EM-40T (this one I actually was a noob at sniping, but its got a good amount of accuracy and damage, then I starting sniping more).

    Hate: I-115 (all versions), u move like a tank even before 2018 before leg boot armor that gives u a little extra movement speed, back in 2010 when we didn't have armor pieces... takes so long to move with that thing... :|

  • Love = Zait <3 My baby / I-115 AT/PX

    Hate = ETSR/MSD/M500/XM-82 Only using by some unskill we need auto for kill someone

  • Forgot about the EM-40T, love that gun! Think Johnny still uses it quite often, doesn't he?

    He still does, but im convincing him to let it go and start using the SVD daily :smug: