PM Letter

  • PM Letter

    Hello, this is my first official PM letter since I joined the Wolfteam project.

    For those who don't know me yet, I've taken the reigns of this project back in April and with the help of Mechiumin the beginning we started a long process to fix a lot of the issues that have plagued this game for so long. I want to be proud of this game, and I know I will, but more importantly, I want you all to be an insane player in Arrival! (Also in other maps... cmon!)

    For those who requested some extra information via discord channels, I would like to apologize that I have been communicating less than usual in the past few weeks, but a lot has happened and more it will.

    Let's start with the bad news first.

    Confirmation: We will not have a new Anti-cheat as scheduled.

    Was delayed a few weeks due to Softnyx tech issues and infrastructure. This was unforeseen but is being worked on and we will shift focus completely when that work is done to push the new anti-cheat asap.

    Done with bad news!

    Now with the good stuff coming your way.

    We are patching the game with new content like never before and we will start also releasing the new weapons, characters, scratches etc with the "try out" system

    in a weekly basis for everyone.

    The Ranking system is finally back! There's still a bit of work enhancing it but is now in working condition.

    For balancing, we will also change the basic weapons given out to everyone, change also will happen in the tutorial rewards and also have a plan for all the current features and the return of some other ones. Finally, on this subject, very soon a code will be given out for everyone, no restrictions, with a package of 2 permanent characters.

    Yes, the in-game shop also will have a revamp in Q1 2019. We will have new forges soon too!

    We will have more to come in the upcoming months as well, so, stay strong Lycan army!

    PM Sericaia