cant launch the game

  • Hello,

    I haven't played WolfTeam since the early days and I decided I'd try to play it again.. just finished installing it, went to launch.. and it brings up the game launcher. I enter my login details, click launch, then it just closes the launcher and nothing again. Yes, I've tried disabling my AntiVirus, etc, etc.. any known issues or ways to fix this? literally just copied and pasted this from a post about 5 months ago I have the exact same problem the response that seemed to work was to delete a file and download another one but the link that was provided was no longer valid could someone please help thank you very much!:D

    The post was edited 1 time, last by Kipper: Okay so editing this because ive redownloaded the files did the xign things downloaded the newest patch from the index place and the same thing is happening once I launch the game. I really have no idea what to do lmao ().

  • Hi Kipper,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Depending on the age of the data, a redownload might be the simplest solution here. But fully respect that this might be easiest said than done for multiple reasons.

    In which case, if it is Xigncode related, replacing the old folder with a new working one might work. You have to be very careful with Xigncode though, as it does love to get confused and trigger when played around with. I would also like to point out, maybe not in this case but if anyone else if reading, that you should never use someone else's folder that isn't from a trusted source, as the data within those files are very specific to the user account and sharing could put your own account at risk.

    This is a newly downloaded Xigncode folder, testing with a brand new account to make sure it is working. Feel free to download and give it a try.

    Xigncode Download (EN - 2019.01.03)

    Let me know if you have any issues, happy to jump on a remote session if that would be helpful?!