Kill the CM

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    Hello Wolves!

    Are you ready for some CM killing? It won't be difficult at all, I promise!

    Let's have some fun together!


    Simply join the Room called "Kill the CM" and have fun. Even if you don't manage to kill me (highly doubt so) you will still be rewarded if you stay until the end of all rounds.

    Map: Scent/Sakura

    Mode: Destruction, Human vs Human

    Players: 8vs8

    Mission: 16 Win


    The player with most kills will be awarded with a coupon for 300 000 Gold. All participants will receive a coupon for 100 000 Gold.


    This event will run on a Weekly basis. No specific day will be mentioned in this post, however I will announce the exact date and hour one day earlier in our #events section in Discord.


    Play continuously through the whole event.

    All weapons and characters allowed.

    No hacking, insulting or any other violation of the rules is allowed.

    Have fun and happy hunting!<3