cant start game downloud

  • I've answered this already in multiple topics and private messages....

    When using the default wolfteam downloader, it'll download the data to a temp location, then get moved to the wolfteam folder under your C:\ drive. You'll then get an option to install the game, which you can pick a location for the installed files.

    Using the above information, each of the locations will require enough space. On a standard install, you'll require around 8GB of space on your C:\ drive, simply to use the downloader, due to temp space and which then gets moved. Once you have the data, you'll then need around an additional 3GB for the location you'll want to install the game.

    If you want to skip all that, not having to worry about temp space, then simply download my offline installer, which includes all the data, so you can just unzip it and click install. That'll only require around 5GB of free space and can be on any drive, not just the C:\:

    Offline Installer

    Any problems, please reply to this thread, not create a new one.