[Forum Event] Match The Pairs!

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    Without further ado, I’m excited to announce my new3_e0.gif event. There are 3 sections to complete, each section will progressively become harder than the previous section. Take your time naming the items as there is no hurry, but most importantly have fun.




    Correctly identify as many items as you can from each section. The person who correctly identifies the most pairs from each section will win

    Christopher (1G) Desert Ops (Char + Armour) (15, 10 or 7 Days), HKE417 Ultimate BLK (15, 10 or 7 Days), Zaitsev Christmas Red (15, 10 or 7 Days) & MK-7G Grenade (15, 10 or 7 Days). All participants will receive 1 Lucky Box & 25K Gold Coupon.



    1. You may enter only ONCE, with ONE account. Multiple account entries will be expelled from the event and have the possibility to be banned from future events.

    2. Follow the terms of service, please.

    3. Have fun, and take your time matching the pairs!

    4. Please use the following form to hand in your answers. ZIgLHxg.png

    Do not post answers in this thread.

    5. Winners will be selected based on how many accurate answers they get.

    6. If you are the winner of one section then you can't win another section as it is unfair for you to get all the gifts. But you are more than welcome to participate in both sections.

    e.g. If participant "X" wins Section 1 then he cannot be the winner for section 2. If participant "X" wins Section 1 and he also gets the most correct answers in Section 2, then the next person with the highest correct answers (let's say participant "Y") will be the winner for Sections 2. So on and so forth, you get the idea.

    7. There cannot be joint winners for any section, in that situation a winner will be selected at random.



    There are 3 sections, each section will have its own winner. In total there will be 3 winners.

    The winner from each section will get the following prizes.




    This event will end on Saturday 12'th May 2018 at 21:00 BST. After which the winners will be selected and announced on Sunday 13'th May 2018. For anyone who is unsure of the timings, please use the following Time Zone Converter.




  • Winners Announced!


    Congratulations to (1'st) seb69430, (2'nd) Hißso & (3'rd) hentaifuehrer as you are the winners of this event. Commiserations to all those who participated but were unsuccessful on this occasion. I'm sure you will get a chance in the near future to redeem yourself.